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TERRAPHOBIA: Terrafication - The Mort Years

Terrafication is a Mortification covers album featuring all the songs Mick Jelinic wrote the music for while he was in Mortification.

Featuring ex Mortification Drummers
Mike Forsberg – Drums
Damien Percy - Drums
Mick Jelinic – Guitars & Vocals

Click here to listen to tracks from Terrafication on YouTube RazorBack Livin Like a Zombie















A Brief History

In 1985 guitarist Michael Jelinic formed an original heavy metal band called Lethal Dose. The band released several demo's between 1985 & 1993, and after several line up changes and a natural progression to a more heavier style of metal, changed the name to Terraphobia. Late 1993 saw the first Terraphobia release a 5 track CD titled Product of Your Mind. Problems were starting to arise and in October 1994, due to musical differences the singer and bass guitarist left to form a grunge band, guitarist Michael Jelinic and drummer Damien Percy tried to find suitable replacements but to no avail. 1996's Natural Born Killer and 1997's An Eye For An Eye saw Jelinic taking over the vocals with both release's written, performed and produced by Jelinic. By late 1998 bass guitarist Suzi Reid and drummer Joe Plozza had joined the band, and soon Terraphobia were playing regularly in and around Melbourne, with a highlight playing at the Melbourne Metal Festival in October 1999. In July 2001 Terraphobia's first full length CD titled Enemy Within was released, recorded and produced by Jelinic.
2002 saw Jelinic join Mortification, and has since recorded 3 albums with the band, including the highly acclaimed Erasing the Goblin, which saw Jelinic taking over the recording and producing duties. Jelinic has written the music for some of Mortification's modern classic’s including I’m Not your Commodity, Razorback and Livin' Like A Zombie. During his stint with Mortification Jelinic has toured Europe several times as well as playing at the Revolution Metal Festival in South America.


Track Listing Track Listing Track Listing
Terrafication The Mort Years - April 2015 EVILUTION - August 2011 ENEMY WITHIN - July 2001 AN EYE FOR AN EYE - October 1997
PRODUCT OF YOUR MIND - Oct 1993 Lethal Dose -Back With a Vengeance 1991 Lethal Dose - Surprise Attack 1989


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Evilution CD
Enemy Within CD $12AU
An Eye For An Eye CD $9AU
Natural Born Killer CD $9AU





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