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Track Listing

Narcissistic Outcast
Town Of Death
Paralogical Delusions
Preach That Hate
Apathy Of Fear
Burden Of Society
Drowning In Tears
Screams From Hell

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A Brief History

Terraphobia are from the state of Victoria in Australia, formed in 1985 by guitarist Mick Jelinic under the name of Lethal Dose, the band released several demos between 1985 & 1993. In 1993 the name was changed to Terraphobia and soon after the band released their first EP titled “Product of Your Mind”. Problems were starting to arise and in October 1994, due to musical differences the singer and bass guitarist left to form a grunge band. Mick and drummer Damien Percy tried to find a replacement vocalist to no avail. 1996 saw Mick taking over the vocal duties and in the same year the “Natural Born Killer” EP was released, “An Eye For An Eye” EP followed closely in 1997. Both releases were written, performed and produced by Mick. By late 1998 bass guitarist Suzi Reid and drummer Joe Plozza had joined the band, and soon Terraphobia were playing regularly in and around Melbourne, with one of the highlights, playing at the Melbourne Metal Festival in October 1999 where the band was well received. “Enemy Within” was released in July 2001, this was to be Terraphobia's first full length album. Terraphobia was put on hold in 2002 as Mick joined fellow Aussie death metalers Mortification. Mick’s stint with Mortification lasted 11 years, appearing on 3 albums, a live DVD as well as several European tours and is also credited in writing the music for some of Mortification's later day classic’s such as, I’m Not your Commodity, Razorback and Livin' Like A Zombie. In 2011 the wait was finally over, Terraphobia was back with a vengeance releasing the highly acclaimed album “Evilution”. The bands ground breaking album was later re-released on vinyl and CD in 2018. “Terrafication - The Mort Years” was released in 2015, a tribute album featuring songs Mick had written the music for while in Mortification, with guest appearances from former Mortification Drummers Mike Forsberg and Damien Percy.
In 2020 Mick had started putting together riffs for a new album, as the songs progressed it became apparent that to perform the songs live Terraphobia would need a 2nd guitarist. Enter David Jelinic, Mick’s son, a perfect choice, Dave had been on a diet of metal music since a baby, listening and jamming to his father’s music at an early age. In June 2021 recording had begun for a new album in bands home studio. Another chapter begins in Terraphobia’s long history with a new album titled “Rise” set to be released September 23rd 2022.


Track Listing Track Listing Track Listing
Terrafication The Mort Years - April 2015 EVILUTION - August 2011 ENEMY WITHIN - July 2001 AN EYE FOR AN EYE - October 1997
PRODUCT OF YOUR MIND - Oct 1993 Lethal Dose -Back With a Vengeance 1991 Lethal Dose - Surprise Attack 1989


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