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Swayze's words of wisdom...

"I didn’t want to be a teen idol and then spend the rest of my life trying to be taken seriously."

"Every actor in Hollywood wanted this role. But I knew there was no one else who could do Orry Main because when I read that script, I knew I was Orry Main."

"He was written as a very self-pitying, bitter human being. What can you do with a character like that?"

"He’s (swayze) either sleeping – and an atomic bomb going off wouldn’t wake him – or he’s out being crazy.He’s very loyal… into defending people, possessions, territories.”
-Lewis Smith

It took more than 2 years to bring the novel North and South to the screne, including -
- 25 million dollars
- 140 + cast members
- numerous extras
- 100 production workers
- 8,700 pieces of wardrobe (lead actresses each wore 28-35 different costumes)
- 15,000 set decorations and hand props
- 5 months filming in 5 states - 4 writers
- 540 page teleplay
- 940 scenes

The womens wardrobe consisted of 3,300 costumes and 400 accessories such as jewerly, hats, fans, and shoes.

Poloroids would be taken of the actors in their costumes, to document even the slightest tilt of a hat, so it could be re made months later.

Patrick swayze states, "All the battle Scenes were done by 'reenacters'. people who make a lifetime hobby to reenact 19th century battles..."

He also states that the biggest challege of filling the role of Orry Main was, "making a self-pitying bitter man likeable..."

The exterior shots of Mont Royal were taken at the mansion Boone Hall, while the interior were taken at another mansion, Stanton Hall.

Swayze had the habit of not memorizing his lines until just before the cameras roll.

"I go crazy in fight stuff! I love it. I love it!" He was equally enthusiastic about doing is own riding and stunt work in the miniseries.

Of all the characters Swayze has played, Orry Main is the closest the himself... to the person that he is.

"My co-star, Patrick Swayze, and I took our clothes off for a scene where we’re making love. I thought we'd better give the poor public something. You can’t have the audience sitting there for hours while these two characters are saying, ‘No, no, I can’t.’ I was delighted when they finally say, ‘yes, yes, I can’."
-Lesley Anne Down

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