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North and South: The Complete Collection - DVD to be released October 5, 2004!
"You're probably the first real Southern I've ever met" - George
"You're my first damn Yankee" - Orry

"A mind hardly seems necessary Nicholas, when one has the face of an angel" - Justin

"In my heart I'm married to you and I always will be" - Madeline

"I'm just a hell raiser and a horse solider"
- Charles

"You see him as a nigger! and I see him as a man that deserves to be free!" - Virgilia

"Nothing like a trip to Hell to show you what it's like" - George

"I couldn't possibly love just one man, think how disappointed the rest would be" - Ashton

"You're talking about a war, between us and people that we love" - Brett

"Orry will be my enemy, war is killing your enemies Constance" - George

North. South. Love. War. Heaven. Hell.

Based on the best selling novels by John Jakes.

North and South, the beginning of an epic stemming from the friendship of two men at West Point which speads to their entire families. The friendship of George Hazard - from a wealthy Pennsylvanian steel family, and Orry Main - from a southern plantation where his family keeps slaves, are tested with endless struggles.

Love and War, Book II of the series shows them progress through the Mexican American War, fighting on the same side. After, they find themselves fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War and struggle to maintain their friendship through these troubled times.

Heaven and Hell, the final installment, focuses on the Reconstruction period and the continuing sage of the Hazards and the Mains. The action moves to the old west as Charles Main becomes a cavarly officer while both familys face the deaths of loved ones at the hands of old enemies.



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