loyal.    bitterish.    gentleman.    passionate.

Orry Main,son of Tilet and Clarissa Main. He is the backbone of the Mont Royal Plantation. On his way to West Point Military Academy, he helps Madeline Fabray from her fallen carriage and brings her home, only to find that she is to marry another man, Justin LaMotte. Determined to still be friends, they write but neither answer because of difficulties. In NYC, Orry meets George Hazard whom helped fight a fight with him. From then on the two of them and their familes became the best of friends. Orry fights in the Mexican American War, where he is injured and loses all hope. He becomes self-pitying and bitter, but recovers to rescue Madeline from her husband and marry her. Later he is a southern General during the Civil war, saved once by George, and then later saves him.


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