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Wolf3d Vault

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Source Code

Files Needed:

BC31 (Not Uploaded Yet)

VGA Files

Wolf OBJ

Wolf Src

1. Download and extract it to C:\BC
2. Download and extract it to C:\SOURCE\WOLF and also ti C:\BC\BIN
3. Download wolfobj and extract it to C:\SOURCE\WOLF
4.Unzip another copy of to a separate directory and copy the files ID_CA.OBJ and ID_SD.OBJ to the directoryC:\BC\BIN\OBJ (Overwrite)
5. Go to C:\BC\BIN\OBJ and make sure they tribute "Read Only" is on ID_CA.OBJ and ID_SD.OBJ
6. Go to the directory C:\BC\BIN and start BC.exe
7. Click on Project | Open Project
8. With your mouse, locate the file C:\BC\BIN\Wolf3d.prj and click ok
9. Click on Options | Directories
10. Make sure that the "Include Directory" reads C:\BC\INCLUDE, the "Library Directory" reads C:\BC\LIB, the "Output Directory" reads either OBJ or C:\SOURCE\WOLF, and the "Source Directory" reads C:\SOURCE\WOLF
11. Click Compile | Link
12. Click Compile | Make
13. Click Compile | Compile

*Note: Do not click Build All because your new .exe will become corrupted.

Go to the "What Now" link to learn how to add new things to Wolfenstein such as: more weapons, ceiling/floors, new items, etc.

If you would like a Word Document or WordPad document Click Below.

(*Note: it is Word 2000)
Word Document

What Now?


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