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In Game Items

Dog Food The Dog Food (Alpo)
Gives you 4% of health. Better than nothing.
Ammo Clip / Used Clip
Clip gives you 8 ammo. Used clip gives you 4 ammo, and you can obtain it from dead guard.
Blood Blood
Last resort health resource, Blood gives you 1% of health when it's dropped below 10%.
Cross Cross
First treasury. Gives 100 points.
Chalice Chalice
Second treasury. This one gives you 500 valuable points.
Chest Chest
The chest gives you 1000 points!
Crown Crown
Rare, but how good! Gives you 5000 points!
Chicken Meal Chicken Meal
The good meal gives you 10% of life. So take a look at kitchen areas!
Extra Life Extra Life
The Extra Life gives you one life, 25 ammo, and raises your health to 100%.
Skeleton & Blood Bloody Skeleton
As Blood, this gives you 1% of health when it's dropped below 10%.
Key Golden / Silver Key
To enter some areas you must have a key.
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit
The best health provider, this one gives you 25% of health!  


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