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Hints for playing:

  • The Nazis don't like walking across a crowded dungeon.  Often there is a hidden door in or near the room where a key is located. This hidden door can reveal a safer and much shorter passage than the one you traveled to reach the key.


  • When Nazi guards hear your shots, often they'll bark a warning. This can work to your advantage. Shoot outside a doorway and count the voices from beyond the door. Warning: This is not always effective. Some SS and Officers are trained to keep their mouths shut. Plus, mutants are dead and dead people donít say a word


  • Clear a room or corridor of everything before leaving or before searching for secret passages. Guards can come from nearby passages and sneak up on you behind your back. A close range attack from them can kill you in a few shots. If you hear a shot behind you, your best maneuver is to run to safety. Before you spin around, you'll be six feet under!


  • Never stand in a doorway when you're engaged in a firefight. Your peripheral vision is poor and your attention is focused on your target. Guards that are posted near a doorway will shoot without you seeing them.  Moreover, the best way to enter a doorway is to open the door and back up. To spot possible enemies within the room, slide left to right while the door remains open.


  • Many of your adversaries, especially killer dogs and officers, are placed in an area for the sole purpose of wasting your ammo. These fast-moving foes will run from left to right in the hopes that you'll shoot and miss. Don't fire until you move close enough to tag them with relative efficiency. Quickly shoot as they pause to attack you.


  • Don't become accustomed to seeing the elevator as a sanctuary. Often a guard or SSíll surprise you! In the more difficult levels of the Nocturnal Missions, Episodes Four to Six, many guards may be in the larger freight elevators.


  • If you're low on ammunition you should use the machine gun instead of the chain gun. Get used to switching weapons quickly. A room full of brown shirt guards can be easily dispatched with a machine gun, but a room full of SS requires more firepower.


  • Attempt to keep your firefight localized to one entrance. If there are two doors into an area, only open one. Then step back and wait for the guards to come to you. If you hear a door opening behind you, it's best to move to cover. Guards from other areas will hear you and move in through other entrances.


  • If you are near several sources of health during combat, move to it and attempt to attract the guards to you! Stay on top of the source of health and slowly move over it as the fight progresses.


  • Using the keyboard and mouse together, other than simultaneous, is a must for advanced play. The mouse is a more exact tool for movement than the keyboard. Use the Up Arrow and Right Shift keys to run like lightning through long corridors.


Cheats While Playing:

  • You should know about the MLI keys. Much like a gift from above, pressing MLI will provide you with both keys, 99 ammunition, 100% health and all weapons. This may make you feel guilty, but living with the shame may be more desirable than dying, right? However, do realize that MLI also adds 10 minutes to your playing time and reduces your score to zero. You will never make a top score pressing MLI - and getting' yourself a high score is one of the main goals of the game.

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