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Support For Dads of children with "dead beat moms"

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Support For Dads, is a new group/ workshop forming to help those Dads, whom have custody of, or whom are fighting for custody of their children who are abused mentally or physically by the biological mother. 


Times have changed,

yet the "system" has not kept up with these changes. The "system" does not recognize the Dads out there who are responsible, and loving Fathers to their Children. The system does not recognize, that  Mothers, can indeed be "dead beats".


Examples of "Dead beat Moms":

bulletDoesn't feed their Children
bulletDoesn't help them with School work
bulletDoesn't bathe them
bulletDoesn't keep their hair clean
bulletTalks despairingly of their Father
bulletDoesn't pay Child Support
bulletDoesn't have a job
bulletGets evicted more than often
bulletDoesn't maintain a clean, living environment
bulletDoesn't provide beds for the children to sleep on
bulletPhysically, sexually, or mentally abuses the children
bulletAllows their significant other to physically, sexually, or mentally abuse the children


The "system" is made up of the Courts, Children's Services, Lawyers, and the Police.

Children's Services is thought of to be a place to turn in times of need. A place to turn when your children are being abused. And a place to be an advocate for your Children. This may be true, however not when the abuser is the Mother. Children's Services has failed me, and many others. They send someone out to interview you, and your children. They either don't verify the complaint with the children, or they have a pre-assumption that the Father has coerced them into lying about the abuse. Then they visit the Mother. First though, they let her know by a phone call, or a business card in the door, that they are coming. After the mother has sufficient time to clean up her house, and to think of a story to tell-  she meets with the social worker. 

Mothers have a painted image, and stereotype that they use to their benefit. This image, and stereotype is that Mothers are the perfect, care taker of the home, and responsible loving parent to their children. This stereotype also says that Mothers have never been "dead beats" nor could they ever possibly be a "dead beat". When faced or confronted with allegations in court, with the police, or Children's Services, they use this "act" and become award winning actresses. The award winning act, sends them home with an "Oscar", and they continue to have normal visitation with the children. The courts tend to believe the mother, even when factual evidence is presented. 


The number of single fathers with children at home, has increased! Check out this report for the U.S. Census Bureau:



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