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Chapter Four:  The Wicked

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."  Friedrich Nietzsche

            The creatures of Oblivion  have crawled from the tempest and have a found dislike for the new order being place upon the island that is the Necropolise of Cleveland.   

             Activities in Cleveland as of late have brought it to the attention of the remaining Lords of the Hierocracy  and the disobedience to Charons rules does not please them.

Seemingly the leader of those who cannot be lead.  The Black monk only appears in monk's robes he has no care or want for care of god in fact some times he proclaims he is himself a god.

He some times appears in the Franklin Circle Church and is rarely seen when Father Eren is about to protect his people.

the Blasphemer controls a large group of odd Aztec Spectres.   Some sayhe's the devil himself a corruptor and sinner.   Be careful of him should you ever meet him.

The Black Monk; Dominus

Hierarchy Necropolise New York

with all due respect to those who died in the tragedy of 9/11  these two buildings are burned into our memories let them stand forever in the shadowlands of our minds.

A catastrophe so horrible accured in New York that the mark remains like a cut in the flesh of America itself.

This was a mixed blessing for the Wraith of new York.   their numbers increased and the  Twin Towers rose up in a mighty Island in the tempest.

This new and mighty citadel is held by Lord Daniel of the Grim Legion.    Daniel rules with an fair yet iron grip on the city. 

All are welcome as long as they observe Charon's Law.

     Recently events in Cleveland have been brought to his attention and the rumours are far too disturbing  to be ignored.