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**The Wastelands**      **The Host**      **The Guild**     **The Wicked**   **Storytellers**


Chapter One:  The Wastelands

"All within is dark as night: In the windows is no light; And no murmur at the door,
So frequent on its hinge before.
" Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson

           A wind begins to bellow forth across the Shadowlands from depths unknown, the wind is biting, it would seem that it has the potential to blanket the Shadowlands like a sandstorm.

    The last great Maelstrom struck decimating the Shadowlands.   The Tempest howled and Oblivion ruled.    Time passed as it always does.    The shadow lands began to reform and it's Denizens slowly left their haunts.

        The Hierarchy of Cleveland has been washed away by the tide of the Tempest.    New leaders had to rise and take their places.   The local Heretics stood up lead by the mysterious Father Eren.   Father Eren claim allegiance to a cult of Heretics known as the Host.      Many flocked to the doors of his church because he offered something no one else could.   Hope and Faith.

         The Guilds have started to support Father Eren in his new position as  Governor of the Necropolis of Cleveland.       Most wonder if this marriage of Faith and Knowledge can last long in the peasant condition of the Shadowlands  now known to most as the Wastelands.


        In the Wastelands Cleveland is a series of islands floating in the tempest.    Anything with a Shroud rating of 7 or higher is under tempest.     If shroud rating are lowered below 7 then the Tempest rolls out this phinomium is known as Low Tide.   When the Shroud rating rising to 7 or above the tempest returns in a horrible high tide.

 A shopping mall on a sunny spring day


 A clean subway station in the afternoon


 A well cared for house with no violent history


 A crowded, dim club playing Top 40


 A country crossroads on a moonlit night


 Old mansion, in bad repair with a violent past


 Desert cemetery at midnight on a full moon



Since some times the time of night or weather or not lights are on high tide can hit at any moment.   Most Wraiths stick to their haunts during the day.  A Haunt is always considered above Tempest.

This is a real place in Cleveland.  names and people will be change.  Our Franklin Circle is not the same as the Church in the real world. If you wish to look them up please click here.   We ask that you respect the people of this church we are a work of fiction and the actions taking place in this game do not effect the real world.

 Franklin Circle Church

Heretic head quarters and the haunt of Father Eren. 

Written above the door of the church in the Shadowlands is "You have been Judged."  and below that in slightly smaller words is "and God loves you."

The doors are open for all who wish to enter.    Sanitary is given freely.    Father Eren has request no violence goes on with in church walls.   Unless completely necessary.

The  Host have 3 laws they enforce:

1.    Do not interact with the living in such a way that endangers the dead.

2.   Help  any newly crossing Wraith.

3.  Do not attack another Wraith without just cause.



A new group has appeared in the Shadowlands.  They are known as the Gondoliers   A group of Wraiths who have found or own relic boats.   Most of them spend their time ferrying others from place to place.

Considered a prestigious position.   The Gondoliers have earned themselves  special privileges for their serves to the rest of the wraiths.