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Chapter Two: The Host

"If thou shouldst never see my face again, pray for my soul. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. "   Alfred Lord Tennyson

    The local Host is a branch off of the Heretic Cult known as the Host.     They believe that the being people know as angels are actually  the dead adding the living.   Local Host members don't seem to make any assumptions of god's intent.       It is stated that through helping others the Host may in fact find salvation.  

Does God not reward good deeds?

Being under the Host's protection doesn't mean you must   join the "faith"    though over time many who have come to merely enjoy Father Eren's hospitality have joined his faith.

Members of the Host


Father Eren Governor of Cleveland


      Perhaps one of the most mysterious Wraiths of Cleveland Father Eren leads the Host and Govens the Shadowlands of Cleveland.

     No one really knows where he came from.  No one can argue that he seems like the answer to a prayer.   Father Eren is a calm reasonable man.  Who seems to legitimately care about his followers.

    Father Eren is always seen in the church.   No one has ever seen him leave the church.

    In time most people seem to come to him.


Father Eren's assistant almost always seen at the good father's side.   Book is seen out of the church much more often then her mysterious employer.

Book had another name once,  she was a catholic school girl.     She found nothing in her life to make her believe, until her death.

Book was on a field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History  she snuck out for a smoke break and someone came from behind her and strangled her while she was away from the others.

She woke up in the Franklin Circle Church with Father Eren.

The idea of God seemed so much easier to except now that she was dead.  and the God Father Eren spoke to her of seemed more real then any she had

Sister Book


heard before.

Book now takes down notes for the good Father.    She seems to be his eyes and ears outside the church.

She carries herself with dignity and is generally kind and polite to most Wraiths.  Though it is rumoured she has quite a temper.

The Angel Girls


The victims of the "Boogeyman" murders.  the girls have dedicated the time they have left to aiding other children harmed by violent crimes.

The girls have a sluagh patron who helps them when they need someone working in the real world.

the Angel girls are generally pleasant and act like well little angels.  They are all to happy to help Father Eren with his vision of what the Host should be.

Li Wei died of an over dose and was left to rot in an opium den.   The den was burned down after her death.

She may have been no one special at that point in time but she would not merely allow herself to pass after her sad ending.

when she left the opium den she found the church and was excepted with open arm by Father Eren and Sister Book.

Embracing her new expectance in the Host Li Wei is still struggling with her haunting past.


Sister Li Wei




A small Indian girl who appeared one day., at the church.   She says very little but has seemingly taken a liking to the local members of the Host.

No one knows where she came from, the thing that seems to matter is that she fallows the Host.