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B727-200 SERIES 14-CC-1722 REVISED SEPTEMBER, 1986 Folder
B757 14-CC-1730 FEBRUARY, 1987 Folder

L1011 Whisperliner

14-CC-1735 OPR-252 Rev.2/81 Folder
L1011 14-CC-1732 OPR-252 REV.SEPTEMBER, 1988 Folder
F28 MK 3000 FORM W/EWA 66 Rev 10/88 Single laminated
B737 Single laminated
B737-300 ISSUE 1 APRIL 99 Single laminated
A320 0801-23695 Single plastic
A330 0200-25755 Single plastic
MD80/81/82/83 0196-20150 Single plastic
A300-600R ER Single
A320 Single


A340ER LH Style Single
A340-200 Tri-folder
B737-200 LH Style Single
B737-500 Single
B737-500 Tri-folder
B747-300 Single
B767-300ER Single
B777ER Single
B777-200 Tri-folder
Express EMB170 Folder


Single plastic
B747-400 Single laminated
B757 Single plastic
B767 Single plastic
EMB145 145-31971-001


Single laminated
A310-300 Single laminated
A330-200 Single laminated
B777 VERSION 3 DEC/96 Single laminated
B777-200 VERSION 4 MAR/2000 Single laminated
B777-300 VERSION 1 OCT/99 Single laminated
B737-500 LH Style Single
Fokker 50 Printed by Merco Print Single

Fokker 50

LH Style Single
B767 Code 1420 Tri-folder


V3.0019DEC03 Single laminated
B757 Folder
B757-200 CS-TLX/CS-TFK Single
B767-300ER CS-TLQ Printed in India at Kurber Enterprises
L1011 CS-TEB OPS. TECH S.008/01AUG2008
A320 CY Style Single
ATR42 Folder
Euroair Transport Limited BAe748 Single laminated
B737 Sabena Style Red Single


Blue Single
B767 64507100 Folder
DC9 64507650-7/99 Folder
Super 80 64507600/06-99 Folder
BAC1-11 ISSUE 2 AUG 94 Single laminated


ATR42/72 Multi-fold
A330-200 Single plastic
B747-400 Tri-folder
B747-400 Combi Single plastic

B747-400 Combi

B767-200 Tri-folder
B767-35EER Tri-folder
B767-3S1ER Tri-folder
B767-3T7ER Tri-folder
MD11 Tri-folder
MD90 Tri-folder


A319 FINNAIR 118-NKL Single plastic
A320 FINNAIR 368 01/09 Single plastic
A321 FINNAIR 78-NKL Single plastic
A340 LQB-/FINNAIR 913 05/07 Single plastic
ATR72 FINNAIR 631 C-NKL Single plastic
B757-200 FINNAIR 32-NKL Single plastic


Finnair 317-ADL Folder
DC9 Finnair 314 B-NKL Single plastic
MD11 Finnair 676 A-ADL Single
MD11 Finnair 676 B-NKL Single plastic
MD82/83 Finnair 1390A-ADL Single
MD87 Finnair 728-ADL Single
SAAB SF-340 Finnair 346-NKL Single plastic
Fokker 28-4000  AN Style Form 78-013 (5/95) Folder laminated
Jetstream 31 EMC/045A/01 Single laminated
Shorts 330/360 SD3-16-6187XA Single laminated


A300-600 Folder
B737-400 Folder
B747-200 Folder


Georgia Air spol. S.r.o. IL62 CSA style Folder
B737-300 ISSUE 1Single laminated
A330 OPS/04/2004 Code 1836 Tri-folder
A340 OPS/04/2004-REV01 Code 1834 Tri-folder
B767 Single


B737-400 Folder
A310-200 Folder laminated
A310-200 Single laminated
B737-400 Single laminated
B737-400 Single laminated
B737-500 White Single laminated
B737-500 Grey Single laminated
B737-800 Single laminated
B737-800 Single laminated
B737-700 3rd Edition January 2001 Single laminated
DC10 JD Style 97.11 Tri-folder


JD Style 98.02 Tri-folder
Dash7 REF DH7-8-32-4-91 HA904 P/N 9400441 Tri-folder
DC9-50 REF D9S-8-13-10-89 Tri-folder
SAAB 340 72 LKS 2640-SOB 007 No logo Folder laminated
SAAB 340 ZL 922 Single laminated
Yak40 Single
B737-800 HKE 738 01/2007 Single laminated
B737-800 HKE 738 04/2008 Single laminated
A320-231 Single
A340 Single
B757 No logo Folder laminated
MD87 Single
A310-300 LH Style Single plastic
A320 LH Style Single plastic
A330-200 LH Style Single plastic
737-400 Folder
B757-200 Folder
B757-200 TF-FIK Folder
B717-200 8/5/00 Initial Issue Single laminated
A320 Single


IL18 Single
Airbus Single
A310 Single
B727-200 Single
B747-200 Single
B747SP Single
Fokker 100 Single

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They are presented here for informational and educational purposes.


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