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Thanks for visiting my home on the net. My interests are travelling and collecting cabin safety card??? Yes, cabin safety card which tells you how to use the safety equipments on the airplane. It seems strange for people when I told them I collect safety card... Believe it or not, there are lots of people sharing the same interest around this world!

The first safety card I got was from CAAC B-2514 (737-200) from Kunming to Hong Kong in 1990 and it was "alone" until 1998 when my second card Air China B737 arrived from Beijing but actually from Inner Mongolia.

Since then I was fascinated by these little cards. Thanks to the thing called "Internet", I started finding and trading with other collectors around the world. I would like to say "thank you" to Frank and Karl who helped my collection to grow and told me many things about safety card. I would like to say collecting safety card is very INTERESTING!! But never remove one from the aircraft!!

I think there are many people teaching about how to collect these cards... what I would say is more or less the same... Methods like writing letter to airlines about cards, ask flight attendant when you onboard, exchange with other collectors or you can even ask at the airport~

If you are a frequent traveler, it would be great if you can help my collection to grow by donating me a cabin safety card. You can contact me at Thanks for all the help.


21st July, 2002.




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