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G5 meeting room

For all of you with a cheat cartridge (And for everyone who is interested in quirks), here’s something very special:

Using my Action reply proffesional (Cheat cartridge) and moon jump code, I decided to enter the G5 building and try and gain access to the meeting room to see what was going on in there before I sent in the camspy. I launched myself off of the pipes (Just outside room) pressed / held B and flew in the air. I navigated myself over the locked door / wall and down into the meeting room the other side. What did I find?

The entire room was empty but for Cassandra and Mr.Blonde standing around the table completely motionless. They were of course just models, waiting to be activated by the sending in of the camspy (A bit like the models of them in dataDyne). They drew blood, but couldn’t be killed. It was such a thrill to be walking around the meeting table and seeing the room from the inside (Something I’d wanted to do since I bought the game) that I had to check out everything:

- The lift in the corner of the room could be opened (Like a normal door) but once inside didn’t go anywhere (I really wasn’t expecting it to, just testing every possibility).
- All the “office” chairs around the table could be moved to a new location (Even if they moved at the pace of a snail)
- Both Casandra and Mr.Blonde could be shot at, stabbed, hit and punched, but no matter what I did to them they just wouldn’t die.
- Again, both Casandra and Mr.Blonde drew blood when shot at, stabbed etc…but as they couldn’t die, just kept getting more and more bloody.
- Laptop guns, Dragons and mines etc…could be placed anywhere (To state the obvious) like on Mr.Blonde’s / Cassandra’s chair (They are standing up remember) or on the table.
- The main “Locked door” can be opened from the inside.
- If you manage to set the alarm off from within the room, guards will come into the meeting room to find you.

G5 meeting pictorial walkthrough:

Want to direct / edit the G5 meeting?


Using the "moon jump" code, it's also possible to view what little there is of the Chicago level seen at the end of the G5 level. Some of it can be walked on, where as other parts can not:

All screen shots are mine, Kudrun. Please E-mail me.