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Controller Modification

Cheating? um.. Take things to a new height!

Everyone knows how to gain distance and time quickly. You just recalibrate your controller, push a few extra buttons, and fall asleep for a while. But why not take things one logical step further.

Looking at my Nintendo controller (Like you do)I noticed upon the large grey circular bit of plastic that surrounds the control stick. Now, my thinking was like this, in a game (Perfect dark say) your control stick is your way of moving. This bit of plastic limits your maximum push in any direction to a set maximum, which is what all games are tailored around. Why not then, extend that maximum?

Analog control works around the movement of two rotas (A bit like a mouse).If you can remove the rota’s limiters, then in theory you can extend the maximum push in any direction. Taking my Nintendo controller apart, I discovered that thing were different to how I expected them. There were indeed two rotas, but they themselves had limiters and so could not be increased.

I then turned my attention to another controller I have, a none Nintendo controller. This had a see-through shell, so it's electronics were easily mapped. This controller was different. Again, it had two rotas, and again there were limiters, but this time I knew I could remove them. The rotas would still have a maximum limit, but it was much greater (By about a third).

I set to, removed the entire analog mechanism ,removed the limiters and was left with just two rotas. I was eager to find out if I could increase the maximum limit of them.

Completing Goldeneye was easy compared to controlling a character with just two rotas (Forward and backwards / left and right) working independently, one in each hand (Just remove the ball in any mouse and try moving your pointer..tricky huh?). But, I eventually got myself set up in a large room, set the rotas to their minimum ( Spintastic), recalibrate the controller, pressed C in the opposite direction to the way I was now spinning and then set the rotas to their maximum.

Increased speed !!! Be it only a little. It was enough to clock up a good 8km an hour more than the conventional way (If you can call it that).

Now, I do not in any way advise you to take apart any piece of electrical equipment. You risk loosing your warranty and/or injuring yourself. I will not be held responsible for any lose of controller/control deck/life. You have been warned. On a side note..Play play play !!!

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