Singles (Prelude To The Future)
Record label: !K7
Format: 2xLP/CD
Release date: 23 February 2004

To listen to Vikter Duplaix is to finally understand what future soul is all about – defying categorization, constantly changing shape, more malleable than its musical predecessors. Although it may be largely computer generated, Duplaix’s sound will never leave you cold, his breathy vocal harmonies injecting heartfelt emotions and positive vibes into every song. Working with many in the so-called “neo-soul” and electronic dance music arenas, it was only a matter of time before he began to shine on his own. For those of you who need to play “catch up,” this singles collection makes it easy, gathering together some of his best solo and collaborative work from years past. House heads will flock to “Messages,” originally released on the MAW label, which became an underground hit for Duplaix. His work with Jazzanova has arguably resulted in some of his finest work, such as the romantic midtempo flow of “That Night” and the soulful optimism of “Soon.” Meanwhile, “I’ll Do It For You” features Vikter hooking up with King Britt’s Sylk 130 project for some smooth R&B. Still, nothing beats the original or remix version of “Manhood,” its push and pull rhythmic structure making for a truly leftfield dance floor selection. Coming in a close second is “Sensuality,” which made its first appearance on Duplaix’s seriously on-point DJ Kicks installment. This song displays the intergalactic playa in the brother, laying down the right pickup lines to a shuffling, crisp breakbeat. These are songs with longevity that (as the album title suggests) offer a glimpse into latter-day urban soundscapes. Vikter Duplaix has seen and heard the future of soul. We should all be thankful that he didn’t keep it to himself.

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