DJ Kicks
Record label: !K7
Format: 2xLP/CD
Release date: 28 January 2002

If I had to point to one man that embodies the future of soul music, Vikter Duplaix would probably be my first choice. Holdin’ it down for the next generation of the Philly sound, brother Duplaix has already worked with countless talents (Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and King Britt, to name a few). He’s got a voice that makes women melt, he’s no slouch in the producer’s chair, and to say that he’s got a good ear when it comes to spinning tunes would be a gross understatement. Vikter’s set for the DJ Kicks series is the first great mix CD of 2002, featuring broken beats, deep house, nujazz, hip-hop, 21st Century soul, and more. Artists in the mix include 4 Hero, Shawn Lee, Herbert, De La Soul, P’Taah, Bahamadia, Osunlade and a bunch more. Also included are a few from Duplaix’s own Critical Point project and a cut under his own name called "Sensuality." My only complaint would be the constant ID drops in this stilted Speak ‘n’ Spell type of voice ("you are listening to the universal sounds of Duplaix...Vikter Duplaix"). It gets old real quick. I hate it when DJ Clue yells all over his mix tapes – doing it quietly through a voice box or computer effects doesn’t make it any less annoying. But I’ll gladly put up with it to hear a mix of this magnitude. Vikter still gets love from me. DJ Kicks does it again.

{cali ginseng}
  • click here to hear samples and learn more about Vikter Duplaix.
  • purchase the CD from the !K7 label site or at Forced Exposure.

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