"That Night" / "Dayz To Come"
Record label: JCR (Germany)
Format: 12"
Release date: 15 January 2002

Jazzanova has quickly become a sought-after outfit for remix work and DJ gigs around the world. Up until this point, they've always made music with a heavy dose of Brazilian influence. This 12-inch, however, suggests that the ill-defined terrain of "nujazz" has caught up with them. "That Night" is a spacey, sensual walk through soul held tight in downtempo techno's grasp. New Millennium man Vikter Duplaix graces the track with his more than able vocals. The flip side features "Dayz To Come," which has already been described as Jazzanova's take on Detroit techno. If only for a moment, the collective puts aside their ties with all things Brazilian and dives headfirst into Motor City sounds…and pulls it off brilliantly. Mark this one as a must-have, and a single that may likely change the sound of Jazzanova's later releases.

{chloe knuckles}

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