hey mr. and mrs. dj: music and marriage

the bride and groom.  september 18, 1999.

(originally published in ON THE VERGE v1.0 e-mail monthly - October 6, 1999)

"repeat after me: with this ring..."
"with this ring..."
"i thee wed..."
"i thee wed..."
"and all my worldly goods..."
"and all my worldly goods..."
"i thee endow..."
"i thee endow..."

GOOD LORD, we have a lot of CDs!!!

the wifey does enough filing at the job - she wasn't TRYIN' to take on the chore of alphabetizing our CDs. i, of course, love doing that sort of thing. yeah yeah, anal retentive audiophile, i admit it. what's it to ya?

meanwhile, five crates of records that still have to be intermarried line the floor of our living room closet. that doesn't even count the two that have been up in a friend of the family's attic for at least four years. i gotta remember to get those one of these days.

ever have your cat mistake your album covers for scratching posts? if you were wondering why the wax is kept in a closet, now you know. blasted cat deserves its own soundtrack. one of these days, it's gonna find whatever he's been chasing from those other dimensions...and then he'll really be sorry.

the first of october marked a special event for me: my first dj set as a married man. i'm not gonna change my name to "DJ HUBBY" or anything, but it was just a wild concept. taggin' the tables with my wedding band on my left hand and my engagement ring on the right. i started the night off at nine, so there weren't many people there (you know how these young folks like to arrive during peak rave hours and all). i ended up spinning for a few of the other DJs, some of the lighting crew, some early arrival partygoers that floated in and out, and several billion air molecules, but i didn't care. i was too caught up in my mix. much like my relationship with Beth, my sets have gone through a lot of maturing and refining. in both areas, i dig where i'm at now.

beyond that, it was great just to see all the heads i partied and spun with alongside of a whole new breed of beat junkies, some of them almost ten years younger. i was checking out the whole scenario from a new perspective, maybe more adult in my approach. kinda scary, but cool at the same time. I really liked watching the younger heads bounce around with that natural unlimited energy. call me sappy, but it warmed my heart.

meanwhile, wifey longs to have a few tutorial sessions with the four-track and talks of sampling Stewie's voice from Family Guy. and every now and then, conversations about music come up...

BETH: i think it's cool that these two would even consider working together. (speaking about the Automator and Prince Paul)

me: anything's possible as of late. supposedly, Rza's remixed Bjork.

BETH (with surprise): really?

me: yep, that's what i said. then again, that shouldn't surprise me. out of most of the well-known hip-hop acts above ground, Wu-Tang is actually considered to be rather avant-garde.

BETH (with as much sarcasm as she can muster): dear, me scratching my ASS is avant-garde compared to Puff Daddy, okay???

eventually, i stop laughing long enough to tell her once again how much i love her.

{jason randall smith}

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