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Race Records and Statistics.

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Triathlon Ultra Distance Records

The data presented below is partially extrapolated from the "Jahrbuch der Ultralang-Triathlon von 1985 - 1996" ("Year Book of Ultra-Triathlon"), which is maintained by the German ultra-triathlete Hans-Joachim Dilg.

Double Ironman Triathlons - Men

199419:36:00 John Quinn (USA)Huntsville (USA)
199320:54:46 Mario Huys (Bel)Leuven (Bel)
199220:11:54 Mario Huys (Bel)Middelkerke (Bel)
199220:24:38 Wito de Meulder (Bel)Colmar (Fra
199221:07:19 Martin Feijen (Hol)Lelystad (Hol)
198921:44:00 Ken Wiseman (USA)Huntsville (USA)
198922:06:03 Wim-Bart Knol (Hol)Lelystad (Hol)
198622:28:00 Ken Wiseman (USA)Huntsville (USA)
198525:38:00 Ken Wiseman (USA)Huntsville (USA)


Huntsville, Alabama, Double Ironman had a one-way, current-assisted river swim.

Double Ironman Triathlons - Women

199422:07:00 Tina Bischoff (USA)Huntsville (USA)
199223:45:02 Astrid Benöhr (Ger)Lelystad (Hol)
199125:14:55 Astrid Benöhr (Ger)Lelystad (Hol)
199025:58:26 Sylvia Andonie (Mex)Lelystad (Hol)
198726:33:00 Eiko Endo (Jap)Huntsville (USA)
198633:54:00 Cheryl Montgomery (USA)Huntsville (USA)

Triple Ironman Triathlon - Men

199632:55:50 Gerhard Weber (Aut)Neulengbach (Aut)
199433:28:16 Wolfgang Erhard (Aut)Le Fontanil (Fra)
199235:30:29 Wolfgang Erhard (Aut)Le Fontanil (Fra)
199037:38:40 Wolfgang Erhard (Aut)Le Fontanil (Fra)
198839:38:40 Ken Wiseman (USA)Le Fontanil (Fra)

Triple Ironman Triathlon - Women

199637:54:54 Astrid Benöhr (Ger)Lensahn (Ger)
199538:09:29 Astrid Benöhr (GER)Lensahn (Ger)
199438:32:18 Astrid Benöhr (Ger)Lensahn (Ger)
199239:51:05 Astrid Benöhr (Ger)Lensahn (Ger)
199246:30:48 Angelika Castaneda (USA)Le Fontanil (Fra)
198951:53:02 Sylvia Andonie (Mex)Le Fontanil (Fra)

Quadruple Ironman Triathlon - Men

199353:41:00 Sřren Hřjbjerre (Den)Székesfehérvár (Hun)
199157:45:50 Guyla Rapolti (Hun)Székesfehérvár (Hun)
198958:10:54 Martin Feijen (Hol)Den Haag (Hol)

Quadruple Ironman Triathlon - Women

199359:15:00 Astrid Benöhr (Ger)Székesfehérvár (Hun)
199172:37:00 Sylvia Andonie (Mex)Székesfehérvár (Hun)

Quintuple Ironman Triathlon - Men

199476:16:39 Martin Feijen (Hol)Den Haag (Hol)
199177:11:00 Martin Feijen (Hol)Den Haag (Hol)

Quintuple Ironman Triathlon - Women

199486:44:37 Astrid Benöhr (Ger)Den Haag (Hol)
1991100:15:16 Sylvia Andonie (Mex)Den Haag (Hol)

Deca Ironman Triathlon - Men

1997200:26:00 Fabrice Lucas (Fra)Monterrey (Mex)
1994207:33:00 Jaroslav Pavelka (Czr)Monterrey (Mex)
1992213:41:00 Martin Feijen (Hol)Monterrey (Mex)

Deca Ironman Triathlon - Women

1992249:14:52 Sylvia Andonie (Mex)Monterrey (Mex)

15 x Ironman Triathlon - Men

1995312:22:45 Jaroslav Pavelka (Czr)Monterrey (Mex)

15 x Ironman Triathlon - Women

1995403:01:54 Sylvia Andonie (Mex)Monterrey (Mex)


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