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Other Ultra Distance Records

Longest uninterrupted venture treks:
1. Self supported 1,350 mile trek across Antarctica in 1993 by two Englishmen, Fiennes and Stroud. They pulled their own sleds but also used sails as aids. Mike Stroud's book, "Shadows On The Wasteland," is a good record of this feat.
2. Goran Kropp road his bicycle from Sweden to Everest, climbed Everest (without oxygen), and then biked back to Sweden. Kropp's book is entitled "Ultimate High".

World Record for Longest Total Distance Hitched

City of Yuma - on October 10, 1949, Woody Jongeward, Bob Woodhouse and the "City of Yuma" Aeronca airplane landed after setting a new world endurance record by staying aloft 1,124 hours and 17 minutes (almost 47 days). They had flown non-stop a total distance of 89,920 miles, equivalent to 3.5 times around the equator.

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The World's Greatest Horseback Ride - Thomas Gaddie set a new World's Record recorded in "The Guinness Book of World Records" during 1980 to claim the "World's Longest Horseback Ride" of 11,217.2 miles in 295 days.


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