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Welcome to Endurance World, the premier location to obtain information on ultimate endurance sports! Ultra distance endurance racing is a great test of your athletic abilities, it's also a journey of self-discovery - a world of thousands victories and defeats. To celebrate such experiences, to share them and to promote endurance sports in general, and ultra distance racing specifically, this site and Electronic Ultra Mentor was created.

What is Electronic Ultra Mentor's Mission?

Electronic Ultra Mentor and Tri Life Coaching are created to provide advice and information on endurance racing, with a focus on ultra distance or "attrition" sports, be it triathlon, running, cycling, or any other sport. This website contains basic information for beginners, listings of events, examinations of the personal side of long distance racing, and resources for specific aspects of ultras. We hope that active ultra athletes, and those who dream to experience an ultra event, will find resources on this site important and useful.

Please note that due to recent domain name conflict this site is now bookmarked only under or We are working to regain our domain.

Important: Please read Terms Of Use and FAQs before using any of the advice and information on this site.

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Profiled Events
Odyssey Double and Triple Iron - the only ultra distance triathlons in the continental USA.
Mild Seven Outdoor Quest - 4-day, 7-sports adventure race in Yunnan, China.
Survival of the Shawangunks - the original classic lives on! 3-sports, 7-segments self-supported race in Upstate New York.
Ultraman Hawaii - 3-day stage triathlon (6.2mi swim, 171.4mi bike, 52.4mi run) in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.
Augrabies Extreme Run - 250km in Kalahari Desert, South Africa.
Web Resources
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We are committed to be the best portal for the ultra endurance sports and to constantly built on our already comprehensive Internet resources section for links to a variety of endurance sports-related sites. Visit subject-specific links pages for Events and Races and Equipment and Gear listings.

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For easy comparison of their caloric and nutritional contents, and links to their manufacturers sites, check the Drinks, Gels, Bars, and Supplements pages.

Rain in Spain, Bugs in Maine, Revolution in Bahrain...
To check weather, travel, ecological and socio-cultural conditions in the location where you will be racing, go to the Environmental Resources page.

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