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Ultra distance events (even in their purest individual formats) are team efforts. Race support (crew, pacers and handlers, drivers and navigators, mechanics and food prep, logistics, equipment and gear, medical and nutritional knowledge, and race experience) is a decisive factor too often.

Our Rent-a-Crew service can provide you with experienced and trained race support, crew and pacers for a variety of events. We can assemble a specific race-ready crews, or recommend an individual with a particular skills and experience, with or without equipment. Ultimately, you can choose number of crew members or pick individuals with a specific skills/experience. We also can provide training and advisory services for your own crew, and equipment needed. While we focus on the races in North America, we can assemble crews for other international locations.

Remember, crewing could be just as hard as actual racing. Submiting your inexperienced friends or relatives can result in deteriorating relationships or worst, unsuccessful race!

Our Rent-a-Crew will work with you prior to the event familiarizing themselves with your race plan, event goals, fitness levels, experience, nutritional protocols, gear and logistics. They will travel to the event location in advance to secure transition zones, assemble equipment, research the race course. They will handle all your physical and mental needs: first aid, medical and body maintenance tasks; manage fluid replacement and nutrition schedules; apparel selection and changes; renting, delivering, assembling and maintaining equipment and gear; setting up and manning transition and feeding zones; monitoring your mental and physical status; catering to your mind, body, and mental state (by pacing, keeping times and counting laps, massaging, encouraging and motivating); and managing relationships with race directors, event organizers, other racers and their support. Your Rent-A-Crew's resume will have a number of successful events where they managed their athlete(s) to a very elite performances but will also include experience in bringing athletes back from the "Q point" (point of quitting the race) to the succesful finish. Your crew will posses empathy for you that only people who have been in your position can achieve, but they also will be a strong, unattached, rational judges of your condition.

Number of your crew will depend on the specific race, and may consist of one to 8 individuals (as rotating schedule must be implemented for rest/work in a multi-day events). Typical skills among your crew are: crew chief, handler, driver, navigator, paddler, food prep/nutritionist, time/lap keeper, bike mechanic, pacer, massage- and psycho-therapist.

In addition to Rent-A-Crew, we provide athlete substitution services (to replace one or more members in the team events) and provide a complete team/athlete hiring services.

We also can help with your product/message placement into an athletic events of your choice.


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