Fun with Wood.

There is a good reason why I have kept this page well hidden for some time. When it comes to vacuum tube electronics I can easily call myself a Grand Master. My experience and knowledge in woodworking is at the opposite end of the spectrum. I still consider myself to be a Novice. I'm not going to make any pretense to compete with what are likely thousands of pages on the subject. This page is mainly aimed at a few friends.

There is one unique feature. All pictures and diagrams will have verbal descriptions so members of the blind woodworking community can follow what is going on. Such descriptive text will be on the main page, unlike on the Fun with Tubes pages, and will be in red type so the sighted can easily skip over it.

The projects are divided into categories to make them easier to find. The main headings will be Shop Furniture, Shop Made Jigs, and Shop Smith Modifications.

Shop Furniture will be items that are built into the shop such as the wood storage area or large items such as the miter saw station.

Shop Made Jigs are fairly obvious. The Saw Guide is an example.

The Shop Smith is an excellent and versatile tool but in the short time I have been using it I have identified some areas for improvement. Such modifications or additions will be documented under this heading.

Shop Furniture.

Wood Storage Area.

Storing sheet goods flat takes far too much space for the average home shop. Storing it on edge can result in warped and useless sheets of plywood. Here is a way to store it vertically without warping.

Shop Made Jigs.

Saw Guide.

Cutting straight lines freehand with a hand held circular saw is a problem even for a sighted person. For the blind and visually impaired it becomes impossible. Here is a saw guide that will be of great help for both groups.

Shelf Pin Jig.

Contributed by: Lenny McHugh

Drilling holes for shelf pins requires great precision if the shelves are to sit properly on the pins. Here is a jig to guide you in drilling these holes.

Shop Smith Modifications.

Tool Free Way of Attaching the Out-Feed Table.

As supplied the out-feed table accessory requires three hands and an Allen wrench to attach it to the Shop Smith. Here is an attachment method that only requires two hands and no tools.

Information for the Blind Woodworker.

Manual for Blind Woodworkers, Chapter 1, Measuring and Marking.

Manual for Blind Woodworkers, Chapter 2, Four Squaring Wood.

The Manual for Blind Woodworkers is an ongoing project. The first two chapters are posted here. Additional chapters will follow as they are completed.

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