MaxCAD Instruction Manual.

Table of Contents.


Chapter 1 Downloading and Installation.

1.1  Getting Started.
1.2  Downloading.
1.3  Installation.
1.4  Installing the shape and font files.
1.5  Desktop Icon.

Chapter 2 Drawing Objects, the Draw Menu.

2.1  The First Time.
2.2  A Word About Hot Keys.
2.3  Drawing lines.
2.4  Drawing a line with an "oops" in it.
2.5  Drawing a Closed Figure.
2.6  If you left click the end of the line by mistake.
2.7  Typing Coordinates, Closed Figure.
2.8  Typing Coordinates, Open Figure.
2.9  Intermixing Mouse Clicks and Typed Coordinates.
2.10 Drawing a Circle, Clicking Radius.
2.11 Drawing a Circle, Typing Diameter.
2.12 Drawing Arcs.
2.13 Inserting Text.
2.14 Shapes.
2.15 Dial and Meter Scale Designer.
2.16 Dimensions.
2.17 Polar Array.
2.18 Rectangular Array.

Chapter 3 Save, Open, Print, etc, the Files Menu.

3.1  The Menu Items.
3.2  Insert, Control I.

Chapter 4 Copy, Paste, and Other Editing. The Edit Menu.

4.1  Undo, Control Z.
4.2  Selecting and Unselecting Objects.
4.3  Color Change, Control K.
4.4  Copy, Ins key.
4.5  Copy to Clipboard, Control C.
4.6  Cut to Clipboard, Control X.
4.7  Paste from Clipboard, Control V.
4.8  Delete, Del key.
4.9  Edit, Control E.
4.10 Flip, Control F.
4.11 Lock, Control L.
4.12 Unlock All, Control U.
4.13 Mirror, Control Shift M.
4.14 Move, Control M.
4.15 Rotate, Control R.
4.16 Scale, Control G.
4.17 Select All, Control A.
4.18 Select Window, Control W.

Chapter 5 The View Menu.

5.1  Animated Rotation.
5.2  Grid Spacing.
5.3  Grid On/Off.
5.4  Limits.
5.5  Pan.
5.6  Reset Zoom and Pan.
5.7  Snap Width.
5.8  Non-orthogonal Snap.
5.9  Snap Mode.
5.10 What Is It?
5.11 Zooming.

Chapter 6 The Settings Menu.

5.1  Color.
6.2  Hidden Line Settings and Line Type.
6.3  Plot Scale.
6.4  Shape Library.
6.5  Text Height.
6.6  Default Settings.

Chapter 7 The Help Menu.

7.1  Moving around in the "Help" menu.
7.2  List of Shortcut Keys.

Chapter 8 Making a Linear Scale for a Meter.

8.1  Altering an Existing Scale.
8.2  Making a New Linear Scale Using MaxCAD.

Chapter 9 Making a Nonlinear Scale for a Meter.

Appendix A Auxiliary Files.

A.1  MaxCAD_Last_Group_Opened.dat.
A.2  MaxCAD-Default.dat.
A.3  Shape and font files.
A.4  Schematic.fnt.
A.5  MaxCAD_ArrayRec_Data.dat.
A.6  MaxCAD_Help.hlp.
A.7  MaxCAD-Dial.DAT.
A.8  MaxCAD-PrntSet.dat.
A.9  MaxCAD-ShapeList.DAT.

Appendix B File Contents and formats.

B.1  The Drawing File.
B.2  MaxCAD_ArrayRec_Data.dat.
B.3  MaxCAD_Help.hlp.
B.4  MaxCAD_Last_Group_Open.dat.
B.5  MaxCAD-Default.dat.
B.6  MaxCAD-Dial.DAT.
B.7  MaxCAD-PrntSet.dat.
B.8  Schematic.fnt.

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