Low Resistance Adapter
For DMMs


As its name implies this is not a stand-alone instrument but must be used with another meter which serves as the readout device. Of course you can easily add a digital panel meter or an analog panel meter. I am using mine with my analog VOM which has 250 and 50 millivolt ranges. My preference for an analog meter no doubt tells my age but after all the ultimate goal is to have some fun with vacuum tubes.

Start with the "Range" switch in the "Cal" position. If your using the clothespin clips just clip them one to each end of the unknown. Don't be concerned if the contacts in the clips are touching each other it doesn't appear to have any effect on the reading. Because of the extreme sensitivity of this instrument it has been given a rather long time constant. After you attach the leads to the unknown it will take several seconds for the reading to come down to zero. Are you in a hurry Mr. Scott? With the range switch still in cal set the zero adjust for zero. Change the range switch to 20 ohms and if you get no significant reading go to 2 and, if necessary, then to 0.2 ohms. Before you unclip the unknown I recommend changing the range switch back to the "Cal" position, especially if you're using an analog meter readout. That's all there is to it. Now if you want to know what to use it for check out the article "How to Use those Unmarked Power Transformers"

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