Low Resistance Adapter
For DMMs


Use banana plug leads to short all 4 "Unknown" binding posts together. Connect your DMM to the "DMM" terminals on the adapter. Set your DMM to 20 volts DC, set the "Range" switch on the adapter to "Cal", the "Calibrate" switch to "Operate" and turn on all power. The meter should read essentially zero. If it indicates approximately +10 or -10 volts you have some troubleshooting to do.

Assuming it is close to zero change to the 2 volt and then to the 200 mV range. You will very likely get an indication of several or several tens of millivolts. If you have just turned on the adapter let it warm up for about 10 minutes. Set the front panel zero adjust to the center of its rotation and adjust the zero trimmer to bring the reading to zero. Change the "Calibrate" switch to "Cal Set" and adjust the calibrator trimmer for a reading of -100.0 mV on your DMM. Change your DMM to the 2 volt range and change the "Calibrate" switch to "Gain Set". Adjust the "Gain" trimmer for a reading of 1.000 volts. Go back and make sure that both the "Zero" and "Gain" trimmers are set correctly.

Now remove the banana plug leads from the "Unknown" jacks. Connect the two red jacks together and the two black jacks together. There should be no connection between red and black. Remove the DMM leads from the "DMM" jacks on the adapter and connect them to the "Unknown" jacks, red DMM to two red and black DMM to two black. Set your DMM to DC current on the 2 mA range. Set the "Range" switch on the adapter to the 20 ohm position and adjust the 1 mA trimmer for a current reading of 1.000 mA. Set the "Range" to the 2 ohm position and the range switch on your DMM to 20 mA and adjust the 10 mA trimmer for a reading of 10.00 mA. Set the range switch on your DMM to 200 mA and set the "Range" switch on the adapter to 0.2 ohms. Adjust the 100 mA trimmer for a reading of 100.0 mA. If everything has come into correct adjustment your low resistance adapter is ready for use. You can use it with 4 leads which have banana plugs on one end and alligator clips on the other.

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