How to Use those
Unmarked Power Transformers

"OK, I've got a device for accurately measuring low values of resistance.

 Photo of the tester connected to a power transformer.

I've also got a box or shelf or clauset or garage full of power transformers with not a specification marked on any of them.

 Photo of many different transformers.

What do I do now?" Good question.

I have developed a computer program that will evaluate transformers based on the measured resistances of individual windings and output voltages. The program doesn't do everything but it gives enough information to make educated judgments (better than educated guesses) about how much current you can draw from a given winding of a transformer.

For downloading and installation instructions and the download link itself for version 2.1 (for Windows 95, 98 and later written in Visual BASIC) click here.

Version 1.1 (for DOS and early windows written in Quick BASIC)
is available on special request. Just email me.


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