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Spec the Halls: A Winter Celebration of the Weird and the Fantastic

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The Ghost of Contests Past

2009 was the last year of the Spec the Halls contest.

Due to other projects, I no longer have the time to keep the Spec the Halls project going. But you can still enjoy the stories archived on the site!
Last updated 12/20/2009

All 2009 Submissions

Most recent submissions are at the top of the list.




Zombie Elves
Sue Penkivech What effect would destroying a cultural icon with the galactic significance of Santa Claus have on the Multiverse? Virginia of the Multiversal Time Protection Unit is determined not to find out.
A Son is Given
Risa Wolf Chris, having lost wife and son, tries to recreate the joy of Christmas.
The Kates and I
Bernie Mojzes What happens on Christmas eve when kids first find themselves trapped in outer space? And what's this Christmas thing all about anyway?
Happy Christmas Morning
Jenni Dowsett Happy Christmas Morning captures the excitement and joy a child feels waking up on the morning of Christmas. Carrie's parents are not quite as merry about waking up before 6am to see what Santa brought.
Fluffy's Christmas Toys
Deirdre M. Murphy Fluffy, normally a rather proper sort of cat, had arranged to become a werewolf so she could take care of the terrorist next door, a dog who was killing her stray friends. But once that was taken care of, the whole werewolf thing was turning out to be a drag. What was the point? Even her favorite Christmas dangle held little allure--until....
'Twas the Night
Manuel Royal "So, what's it like, being Santa? Good question. You might not like the answer."
The Christmas Angel
Donna Burgess Christmas Eve one year ago
And Mommy became an angel
Red halo and red wings all spread out beneath her
A Green Christmas
Jon C. Forisha When new recruit Ferris arrives on a planet ruled by an abundance of chlorophyll and mysterious aliens, he finds that all he can think about is Christmas back on earth.
Bloody Tannenbaum
Matt Sawyer The Kolbenstecker family discovers blood beneath the Christmas tree. Ornaments with Christian imagery are also burned. The next night, the Kolbensteckers stand in awe when the tree becomes animated. Warning: may contain offensive imagery.
The Little Match Muse
Lisa Lees
Medusa's Holiday
M.M. Bergstrom Here upon an evening dreary
Though all the world is wet and weary
I bundle up my head of snakes
To deliver all my Yuletide cakes
The Mystery of the Disappearing Christmas Cracker
Debbie Cowens For the family of earthlings known by the name of Jones, Christmas dinners can be chaotic enough without the sudden appearance of an alien. How will they cope when a strange visitor materialises in their dining room, seeking the meaning of the enigmatic Earth object that arrived on its planet? Will the Jones be able to explain the purpose of a Christmas cracker to the satisifaction of their extraterrestial guest before Maureen's turkey dinner gets cold? Can an alien ever come to understand the true meaning of Christmas?
Snow Walker
Sharon Clauss Madeline and her son found a new home just in time for Christmas. It seems idyllic, friendly, snowy, and picturesque, but the land is animated in ways that defy logic.
The Death Star of New Bethlehem Matt Cowens Life on New Bethlehem is tough but when the colonists begin to see lights in the sky rumours of an alien invasion spread and hope becomes an even rarer commodity...
The Christmas Poet Jack Horne He got a Christmas card that wasn't signed;
It seemed to be from someone whom he knew.
The writing was untidy like a child's;
It had a dreadful verse that made him spew:
Tis the Season to Be...
Steven Saus Some would say that it's impossible for Santa to do everything he's supposed to. But it might just be entirely unlikely.
The Horde
Karlton Douglas Two warriors face a black day.
It's Dangerous Being Magical Amy Roskilly Every time someone says 'I don't believe in Santa Claus' - another Father Christmas falls down dead!
The Twelve Gauge of Christmas
P.A. Gardinali "It was the old bastard, all right; laying by the fireplace, contorted in an unnatural pose. The streaks of blood ran down from the mantelpiece, which he had likely grabbed in a desperate escape attempt." A homage to my favorite noir writer of all times. Set in an alternate reality, just slightly less bizarre than ours. Warning: implied ickiness.
Silent Night
D. Travis Brandel A holiday tradition leads two brothers to a nontraditional fate.