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WMA hunting results

Qualifications for 2004 will be held at North Park County Police training center located on West Ridge road. The two days will be May 2nd and May 9th, between the hours of 9am and 1pm. You will need your 3 pictures of big game kills and your bow with 3 arrows and broadheads for a shooting test. All applicants must not have any prior game violations and all successful applicants must posses an NBEF card prior to hunting season.

Between 1997 and 2003 Whitetail Management Assiociates has harvested 1,673 doe and 81 bucks. These hunter's efforts have made it possible to donate to local food banks and high risk heart patients over 13,100 lbs of edible processed venison, that's over 6 tons of meat. (paid for by the hunter). If you are at risk with heart problems and would like to be placed on the venison donor list please click the email on the bottom of this page. After I have been notified you will be added to our list of donors.

WMA hunters have over the past donated their time on New Years day to open and feed the hungry at the Rainbow Kitchen in Homestead. WMA hunters have also given their time to scour the Parks and remove garbage prior to hunting each season.

Special thanks to those who have given so much to make these hunts possible, (Andy, Clarence, Tom & Pete from the County, Bob, Gary from McCandless and Jay for, Plum. Our Pa Wildlife Conservation officers Beth, Gary, & Dick ).

Special thanks to the County Police for their never ending desire to keep our woods safe. Without the help & support of these people, this type of program would not be as successful as it has been.

Thanks for the visit, hope to see you again soon.

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