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Is bowhunting Cruel?


An often heard claim from anti-hunters and animal rights activists is that bowhunting is cruel and painful, and that as many as 50% of all animals shot by bowhunters are unrecovered and die a lingering painful death in the woods. In a word, such statements are baloney. Bowhunting is not an exact science, and animals are occasionally wounded and go unrecovered. However, through increased technology with equiptment and education these occurrences are few and far between.

An in-depth, comprehensive study was completed in May, 1995 at the National Guard?s Camp Ripley near Brainerd, Minnesota. This study solidly refutes the absurd claims made by hunt opponents. In fact, the study cost more than $250,000, which the Minnesota DNR could never have afforded. They solicited funding from animal-rights groups as well as sportsmen?s groups to eliminate the appearance of a biased study, and also to give the animal-rights groups a chance to solidly prove what they have always maintained. Not surprisingly, not one animal-rights organization accepted the invitation to participate in the study. So much for conviction!

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