Mulder/Krycek Recommended Fics

What made Mulder and Krycek tick?
Why in the world have they become the darkest and deepest fantasy ever written?
It's in the Mind

“How To Throw a Curve Ball series by Courtney Grey”

A classic and an award winner. Very realistic characterization and very angsty/romance you have to read! Krycek is under WMM, and he needs to keep Mulder on track to his Truth…

“Blood, Love and Rhetoric series by Sleeping with the Coyotes”

Again, one of the classics! Dom!Alex and Sub!Mulder. Two thumbs up!

Summary: What if Mulder wants nothing but the truth, and Krycek thinks he’s nothing but a whore begging for the truth, blood and violence?

‘Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, or we can do you all three, concurrent or consecutive, but we can't do you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory, they're all blood, you see."

“A Boy and His Rat by CM Decarnin”

A very intensely graphic series, full of hot-as-hell sex, extreme emotional subjugation, lust and madness. Some parts are just run-on PWP, sex and more sex, but since the sex is so hot and Mulder is fucking everything in and out of Krycek, you should love this as many M/Kers have read and relished this dynamic lust/love driven series ^_^

“The Rape” by Moco

Excerpt:"Ever been raped, Mulder?"

Mulder confronted with an offer to save Skinner's life from the nanocytes--being Krycek's whore.

Note: This one is different from 'No Refund Policy', though. Please don't mix it up. They are different stories; since this one is darker.

"No Return Policy" by GenieVB.

Krycek has something to offer, but he won't give it to Mulder for free. Major angst, Mulder-noncon, sweet torture and it's true that we always hurt the one we love ;) Not a very popular story, but I just have to come back and read it time after time.

Summary: Mulder trades something for something and learns something about himself!

Excerpt:’ "When can I see Samantha again?" I was sick of this shadowy rendezvous in the night crap. "First we discuss my price."
"_Your_ price? I thought Cancer Stick was running the show?"
"Not this gig."

Krycek walked toward me and I had the distinct image flash across my mind of a sleek cat strolling across the linoleum to its food dish.

He stopped in front of me with eyes green like a cats, his pink tongue darted out from between thin lips and it laid out his bargain.

"You're the price."

I was no virgin in the art of making love but for the experience of being made love _to_.
Alex was my first.
For two long, incredible hours, he did that - made love to me. A million kisses, a thousand licks, a hundred nibbles, dozens of fingers digging and leaving tiny scratches (extraordinary considering he only had five), three cock sucks, two ass fucks and every goodman time he touched that prick of mine, the even bigger prick named Alex Krycek made me come.

But back to the first time and lesson number one.

And its sequel "Exchange Rate" Summary: Alex saves a dying man...

Sylvia’s X-Files Stories (One of the best M/K Mindfucks out there ^_^) + “Partners” – + “Betrayals” -

“A Scene to Forget by Subsume”

The best BDSM M/K story. It’s the Gulag scene…
Rated: NC-17 or higher for language, violence, torture, and nonconsentual male/male sex (which arrives in part two). Warning--Rape of major character (in part two)
Spoilers: Tunguska/Terma

“Scribe’s Poetic Series”, a series written based on poems combining with M/K angst, lust and love. My fav ones are ‘Change One Little Word’, ‘Summer Redundant’ and ‘Song of the Seducer’.

Imjiru’s X-Files Fics

“Quicksand” , “Departures I and II”

+ “Quicksand” A sick Krycek under arrest by Mulder. Very sweet Hurt/Comfort ^_^

+ “Departure” – also, one of the best Mindgames, Hurt/Comfort, intense love and lust!

“Hard as Hell by torch”

A heterosexual Alex Krycek got an order to get Agent Mulder into his bed. Also, “Russian Roulette”.

“Inca Gold” by Spike

A very kinky piece, involving watersport ^_^ Mulder and Krycek are on the train to Peru, and things happened….very entertaining story!

Or Lisa e Krysa Awards (Mulder/Krycek Awards)

Many M/K categories and some of the best readings…

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