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This site contains slash (homoerotic love) stories and artworks of various fandom. Served as Mulder/Krycek exclusive, I have converted the site into multi-fandom pages in order to archive my other stories. I generally write for movies, not TV series, and I found some of the stories are the only ones exist for such fandom. That was why I wanted to give them a home, here. Though Mulder/Krycek should remain the first and only fandom I was truely dedicated to and was avidly active for over two years.

Due to RL, I might not be updating this site regularly, but I hope you will enjoy the works as shown here. Feel free to contact me should you want to talk about something you like or find troublesome. Thanks for visiting, and remember slash can heal your pain .

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The Passion of the Christ  Seabiscuit  Red Dragon  Gladiator, X-Men, The Watcher

(*note, I will try to move them into one site one day, lol).

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June 2, 2004 Updated the site with Seabiscuit fic, after having merged other fandoms into this site in late April

Feb 9
Fox and Rat have their own country!
Click the Fox & Rat natoinal flag below to visit them. Also, added 'Recs' page and new icons.
Feb 7
Long time no updates.
I'm redesigning the pages, but the contents remain much the same.
So, enjoy cruising, and hope you'll check back soon :)


Oct 20 - Add 'For a Middle-Aged Boy', a Mulder Birthday Fic.
Oct 02 - Add more links. Add new poster in Gallery 1
Sept 15 - Update original stuff in Mastermind
Sept 12 - Gallery 2+3+4+5.
Sept 11 - Upload Gallery 1
Sept 8 - Add 'What's New'

If you want to use any graphics of mine, please write me first. Thank you.

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