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Change One Little Word...
How Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek really met. Pre 'Sleepless.'

As One Shuts An Open Door...
On a rooftop, Krycek and Mulder discuss their new partnership. Occurs just after 'Change One Little Word...'

Like A Two Edged Sword
Fox finds Krycek affecting him in a disturbing way.

like a perhaps hand
The partnership is over. The relationship is just beginning.

A Deep Sworn Vow
Mulder is haunted.

Little Cat Feet
Mulder and Krycek have a very close encounter on a very foggy night.

Summer Redundant
On a lonely stretch of hot Texas road, Mulder is in dire straits, and Krycek keeps a promise. Takes place after 'Little Cat Feet'.

One Way Of Looking At A Fox
Alex Krycek reflects on his first meeting with Fox Mulder, when the obsession began.

Song of the Seducer
Mulder and Krycek on a date? Not exactly...

Proud, Broken Heart
Kryceks reflections on how his relationship with Mulder has made him more human.

By the Wall
Fox has been blown off again, and Alex is there to smooth his fur.

All My World
If you love something, set it free...

Tired of Pretending
Krycek told Mulder that this day would come.

Heart, We Will Forget Him
Fox and Alex have their first serious fight as a couple.

Neither Toying, or Talking
Mulder pouts, and Krycek shows him that actions speak louder than words.

The Essence That Is You
Now deeply bonded, Alex says good-bye to Fox before leaving for a while..

When Thou Dost Go
After 'Essence', Fox and Alex find a way to bridge the distance when Alex has to be away.

Love's Trinity
Sometimes the greatest obstacles to a relationship are the lovers' friends. Dana deals with Fox's involvement with Alex.

I Find No Peace
Alex confronts Skinner about the AD's feelings for Mulder--but this time Alex may be looking at things from the wrong perspective.

Because You Would Ask Me Why I Love You
It's post coitus, and Alex is pondering.


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