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ValleyShire's AGS Registered Nigerian Dwarf Does
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Happy Tailz VL X VSG Caroline

Born: 3-16-2007

Sire: Happy Tailz BB VALenny
Dam: Happy Tailz TK Wildthing

Caroline (Car as our 3yr old grandson calls her)

Car came to us one sick little doeling. We learned a lot about herd and goat health when we added her to our herd. But she is turning out to be a wonderful little doe. She is an easy milker and has teats that you can get a hand on. She has a nice medial and a nicely textured udder that milks down well.

Kidding History: 2008:
1 doeling (retained) 2009:
2 bucklings (sold) & 1 doeling (retained)

ValleyShire PC Y Brandy

Born: 6-27-2008

Sire: Happy Tailz CM X VSG Papa
Dam: Happy Tailz VL X VSG Caroline


Brandy was our first registered kid born at the Shire. She was raised in the house. Bottle fed, and thought she was one of the anatolian's. She is as sweet as they come and loves to give kisses. She is perfectly proportioned and level. Brandy, as well as all other goats born and retained at ValleyShire will have horns. We have seen the damage of scurs, and what can happen if a wild animal gets in your pens. So we leave them the protection God gave them.

Kidding Record:
2009: 1 Doeling (Retained)

ValleyShire PC Z Fawn

Born: 4-29-2009

Sire: Happy Tailz CM X VSG Papa
Dam: Happy Tailz VL X VSG Caroline

Fawn was the only doeling in a set of trips. And the trips we one white gold buck, one buckskin, blue-eyed buck and this golden beauty with a frosted little nose. We look forward to breeding her next year with one of the new bucks we are bringing in this summer.

MOLLY Our Newest Doeling.
Born: 3-20-2010
Sire: Sweet Grace Farm Joseph
Dam: Cornerstone Farm Charron
We are so happy to have this beautiful doe for our future breeding seasons. Thanks go to Sweet Grace Farm for letting us purchase this wonderful girl. We look forward to seeing her kids.

We love you
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