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ValleyShire's AGS Registered Nigerian Dwarf Bucks
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Happy Tailz CM X VSG Papa

Born: 2-27-2007

Sire: Lost Valley KW CandyMan*S
Dam: Lost Valley Silence is Golden

Papa came to the Shire to live with us when he was a tiny buckling (3-30-2007). Yes he did come to us with some curly scurs. We were not going to show him so we left them and trimmed when they got too close to his head. Unfortunately this spring he hooked one scur on a fence and ripped it off. So, as much as we hate to have it done, Papa is going to have his scurs removed when our vet feels it is safest for him.


Papa is a very correct buck with a solid front assembly. He is very level on the move. He has really been improving udders. We have had several beautiful colored kids from Papa and his does.

Our Newest Buckling.
Born: 3-20-2010
Sire: Sweet Grace Farm Joseph
Dam: Cornerstone Farm Charron
We are so happy to have this beautiful boy for next year's breeding season. Thanks go to Sweet Grace Farm for letting us purchase this wonderful boy. We look forward to seeing his kids in 2011.

We love you
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