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 Back by popular demand: the Sieger Show experience!

Greetings, dog-and-sport lovers! It is getting time now to make serious plans for this yearˇ¦s Sieger Show tour, so please let me know if you definitely DO want to go, are thinking seriously about it, probably won't, or definitely will not go with my group this year. It is the ONLY non-profit Sieger Show tour, and is several hundred dollars less expensive than the other, heavily advertised one (which may not be offered any longer, anyway). Plus, novices get the perspective of a seasoned traveler with SV judging experience. Learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about the dogs that are most shaping the breed today.

2003 Sieger Show in Ulm

We will arrive in a convenient airport in Germany on the Thursday morning before this biggest breed show in the world, which will mean most should leave the U.S. on Wed.  The show runs from early Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. The early start on Friday, with the exciting and invaluable courage tests, will delight and inform the hard-core show-only, the hard-core schutzhund-only, and the novice alike. Saturday is highlighted by the competition of the most promising young dogs, many of whom will be the super-stars of the next few years, and the important progeny-group competition/presentation. Sunday, the finals in the ordering of the top 75 or 100 or so adults (over 24 months and titled) of each sex in the big (football-size) ring, plus special features like kennel groups. Then on Sunday afternoon/evening we will commence our delightful tour of the area. Depending on where the show is held, you may also experience another country like Holland, Denmark, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and/or Switzerland, visiting historical & touristy sites, scenic beauties, breeders, judges, and training clubs. Often, you will learn techniques you might not have seen in your local club, and meet some of the most successful trainers in Germany.

Visit to the Wildsteiger Land Kennel

Depending on how many such attractions and appointments I can line up, and where the show is (it changes every year), we will get back to the airport location either Wed. or Thurs night. Flights back to the U.S. usually leave in the mornings. I frequently have participants from other countries, too, and will make sure everyone gets to the airport in his/her required time, even if we have to put you on a train before the group trip is over.

Sight Seeing in Ulm

Please let me know as soon as you can, so I can start putting my notification list together and finalizing reservations. I will make the hotel plans based on your deposits, arrange the visits and van(s), and you will make your own plane reservations. You pay your room, meals, and a pro-rated share of my expenses: my travel, lodging, food, and our rental van(s). That's all. Easy, fun, educational and, for most --- the unique trip of a lifetime.