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Fred Lanting "curriculum vitae"

by Fred Lanting

© Copyright April, 2003 -


  1. HD and Other Orthopedic Disorders:  slide presentation touching on all aspects including genetics, nutrition, diagnosis, treatments, and more.  Includes Question-&-Answer session.  Total: 2 hours & up, or tailored to your needs.
  2. Analytical Approach to Evaluating Dogs:  a unique gait-and-structure slide talk, describing how to choose studs, candidates for purchase, pick puppies, and judge dogs in the ring or from ringside.  Also stresses why decisions are made between dogs.  Live volunteer dogs, slide illustrations, audience "hands-on" participation.  From two hours, depending on number of dogs and participants/learners.  Can be expanded if ring conditions and more intensive practice are desired. Can make a one-day package (a.m., lunch, and p.m.) for a money-builder for club treasuries, or a one-lecture-plus-meal event.
  3. Schutzhund problem-solving and technique improvements.
  4. Anatomy Courses similar to my SCJA Institute lectures. (See next column)
  5. Others by special arrangement: Grooming, Handling, Basic Genetics, etc.
  6. Evolution of the American German Shepherd Dog (spec clubs).

(Fee plus expenses; if lectures are in connection with judging assignments, such costs can be divided. No fee beyond expenses charged for lectures in foreign countries).


Drawing on experience in the following:

SV:  Many years as one of only 2 judges in North & Central America, and a half-dozen in the Western Hemisphere approved by the Schäferhund Verein.

AKC: (Retired) German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, Greyhound, Whippet.

All-breed (active) status: UKC (United Kennel Club), Natl. Canine Assoc., States KC, ARBA, ACB (Bolivia), & several other foreign countries & registries.

Foreign:  Awarded Challenge Certificates and equivalents to selected breeds in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Japan, etc., and to all breeds in Pakistan, India, much of S.E. Asia, South America, & the Caribbean.

National Specialties, Foreign, and "Rare" breeds judged:

Judged specialties and all-breed shows in approximately 30 countries, including the prestigious FCI Asian Shows in Japan and India, & the Scottish Kennel Club. National Specialties: GSD Club of America National; Tibetan Mastiff National; Shiba National; Fila Brasileiro Nationals (several times), Dogo Argentino Natˇ¦l, Pyrenean Shepherd National.  Numerous Chinese Shar Pei and Australian Shepherd specialties; regional Greyhound, Anatolian Shepherd specialties; several GSD Sieger Shows in South America & Asia, Rottweiler, Boxer, & other specialties worldwide.
Familiar with most of the 150 or so breeds that AKC recognizes, plus the FCI breeds not AKC-recognized, including the ˇ§rareˇ¨ breeds through NCA, SKC, ARBA, FCI, UKC, and specialty "rare breed" judging, observation, and showing.

Obedience: SKC, ARBA (all judging levels); Behaviorist & Training Consultant.


    First purebred dog: Toy Fox Terrier, 1937
  • First purebred litter (Smooth Fox Terriers): 1945
  • First German Shepherd Dog 1947; active GSD breeder since 1966
  • Also bred Whippets in the 1970s, Shibas in the 1980s & `90s
  • Owner, top-ten conformation and top lure-coursing Whippet.
  • Importer/owner of the #1 Shiba outside Japan for many years.

SHOW EXPERIENCE:  Started handling in 1966, got AKC professional handling license shortly thereafter, handled all breeds in Canada, and most in the USA, even some handling in foreign countries in both show & obedience rings in the 1960s & 1970s. Many times show chairman/secretary. Trained and titled in Schutzhund.

JUDGING EXPERIENCE:  over 24 countries. See information in other column.

CANINE AUTHORITY: Lecturer in about thirty countries on Gait-and-Structure, Canine Orthopedic Disorders, etc. Formerly instructor at Senior Conformation Judges Assˇ¦n Institute and W.Va. Canine College (including member of advisory board).

Worldwide canine behavior & structure consultant. Security & training consultant/analyst for Asesores Caninos (Colombia), and other countries.  Expert witness in litigation, in most canine topics.

Author: The Total German Shepherd Dog, Canine Hip Dysplasia, Canine Orthopedic Problems, technical and science books, books of poetry, etc. Writer of innumerable articles in dog magazines.  Columnist for many magazines and websites in the U.S. and abroad; frequent contributor to a wide variety of publications. Serious student of canine anatomy and health; assistant in veterinary surgery; guest lecturer at many vet schools.

MEMBER or former member:

  • Schäferhund Verein (SV-WUSV, world governing body for GSDs), Germany
  • GSD Club of America (including Board of Directors and WDA)
  • GSD Club of Northern Alabama (charter member & president)
  • States K.C.; also charter member & founder, Dixie Dog Club
  • NCA: Natˇ¦l Canine Assoc (alternative to AKC)
  • ACB: Kennel Club of Bolivia (all-breed judge)
  • NSCA; Shiba Club of America (officer and delegate to SKC)
  • United Schutzhund Clubs of America
  • Japan Kennel Club (also approved JKC judge)
  • Nihon Ken Hozonkai (Nippo) Japan breeds society
  • Various leadership offices with other clubs.
  • Official Inspector for UKC & NAPBTC: American Pit Bull Terriers.
  • Lˇ¦Odre de Bon Temps  „É
Fred Lanting, 
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