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RENT links

Here are many RENT links for your enjoyment! If you would like yours added please e-mail me at: with the link! =)

Various RENT pages


Allison and mine's RENT page

A Day In The Life: Allison's page

Anne and Katie's RENT page

A Stephen and Anjilly Webb-Page

Fslone's page of RENT reviews

Ari's page of RENT sounds

The Loft, Ave. B

Meg's Page of Stuff

Justin's RENT page

Tesse's Cafe Momus

To More Than One Dimension

Jolynn's little piece of RENT

Cowgirl's page

World Of Rent: Diana & Etta's page


One Page Glory

Entr'acte Homepage (look for the Rent section)

Ciara's Main Page

I Don't Own Emotion....I RENT!!!

The RENT Links Central

Natalie's RENT Page (TONS of sounds!!)

***Jessica's Vacant Lot***


Sites about the touring companies

Rent- An American Musical

The Joint-Canada RENT page

RENT in Philly page

RENT- Benny Tour Company

** The Canadian Production of the musical RENT **

Rent in Canada (first one)

Welcome to Rentrats Anonymous

Official: RENT in Australia

Official: RENT in London

Rent sites dedicated to cast members

So You're A Creek Phreeek??

The First Official Karen Olivo Page *NEW*


The FIRST Unofficial Jim Poulos Site

It's All About Dean!

Corgi's Almost 1st Unofficial Trey Ellett page

Dahlia's House of Trey

Lauren's Tribute to Jenifer Aubrey

Peace and Love- Chad Richardson's Unofficial Page

The First Unofficial Manley Pope Site

Jessica's Chad Richardson page

Tamara Podemski: Over the Moon

Ranch1 4ever (Richard Blake)

Official Norbert Leo Butz Page

Official Mark Setlock Page

OwEn RoCkS

Light Manley's Candle...

Official Richard Blake Site

Official Shayna Steele Site

Rent Message boards

The main RENT message boards
RENT Broadway, London, Canada, Benny, Angel, other casts, etc

The Graffiti Wall

Rent Bootlegs Board

Trey Ellett Message Board

Cast members web sites

The Chad Richardson Page

Jenifer Aubry's Official Page

Tony Vincent's Page

Hollywood Records: Idina Menzel

LICK GOD (Dan "Rockett")

Work In Progrss (Josh's page)

X-RENTers, page about currents and former cast members

***Thank you very much for letting me link all of you!! If you would like to have your link added please write to with the subject "Link me!" Also inform me of broken links or web site updates!! Thank you very much!!!

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