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Anna's RENT Page

Yes, I know this hasn't been updated in forever. I still have pictures from two shows that I have not put up. I know all the images need to be sue me, my scanner sucks...a lot. There's a new message board The Forbidden Forest Just goto the RENT Forum and chat away. I also got a new e-mail address for this site as well as my Karen Olivo and Luther Creek sites, Feel free to e-mail me with questions and comments (hopefully possitive ones). I promise you this will be updated...maybe even moved to a new location. We shall see. Til then, enjoy the page with all its poorly scanned pictures and lack of info. Please send me some on the new RENT tour, I'm itching to hear about them!! Thank you very much.

*NEW!!!* Here's some fun stuff for you Daphne Rubin-Vega fans! Our dear Daphne is going to be in a new show. Earlier this month (October 2003) I received a nice logo and e-mail from someone working with the show in hopes I can spread the word about it. It is called "Anna in the Tropics" and sounds like a good show. I wish Daphne and all the cast and crew good luck! May the show have a nice run on B'way. Enjoy: DAPHNE'S NEW SHOW

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OLD News in the RENT world:
Sept 5, 1999: The Angel cast ended. They will be missed! Many memories of the Angel cast and its performers. I wish all of them the best of luck in whatever they do after Rent.
Oct 31, 1999: London production of Rent ended. Even though I never saw them I heard they were amazing!! Much luck to the cast members the future!
May 21, 2000: Jim Poulos finished his run with Rent in NYC. As much as I loved him as Mark I will miss him, as will countless fans of his. Good luck to Jim with the next shows he'll be in while he's touring! The amazing Trey Ellett has taken the role of Mark...he rocks too! But I'll miss ya Jim!!

Sorry Diana and Etta. The background had to go for now. But it will be back in the future! Again, thanks so much for making it! =)

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