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OwEn StuFf

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My name is Amanda..but everyone calls me 'OwenFan' Owen is my favorite actor and it helps that he's in my favorite musical!. Anyways, thank you for coming to my 'Owen ROCKS' webpage....I know it's not that great right now...But I'm working on it, so give me time okay?! I think Owen is really talented and thought he needed a website...Come again real soon! oh and a BIG thank you to my great friend Steph who helped with this...she ROCKS! Oh and an EXTRA big thanks to my GREAT friend Amber for taking that beautiful photo!! Thanks Amber. Also, wanna say hi to all my 'G-Wall' friends..Love ya guys too! Much love. *This photo courtesy of Jamie! Thanks Jamie! -Amanda OwenFan P.S. This web-site is in no way official and is not related to any production of RENT. cool?

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RENT Rocks!!! Yeah baby!