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What is Rent?!?!?

Rent is Puccini's "La Boheme" updated by Jonathan Larson to fit the times! Filled with love, sex, humor, drama, tears, great music and singing and a LOT of talented actors as they win the hearts of many in this excellent show!

Here is a character list and a little summary about each person:
Mark Cohen- The narrator, Mark is one of the "starving artists" in the show, a filmmaker to be exact. He is roommates with Roger Davis. He used to date Maureen, until Maureen dumped him for another woman....(what's his name? Joanne!) Mark seems like a very lonely person even though he knows he has friends all around him.

Roger Davis- Yet another starving artist, Roger is the "pretty boy rock star" who is trying to find his "one great song" before he dies. Roger meets S&M dancer Mimi and falls in love with her, but becomes resistant at times and then calms down. Roger's girlfriend April killed herself, slit her wrists in the bathroom, because she found out that she and Roger have AIDS.

Mimi Marquez- S&M dancer Mimi used to date Benny (the landlord of the building Mark, Roger and Mimi live in). She also has AIDS but she doesn't give up without a fight. She may look frail but she is a very strong person with a heart of gold.

Benjamin "Benny" Coffin III- Landlord of the apartment building Mark, Roger and Mimi live in. He's going to evict everyone in it because they can't pay their rent and he's going to build a "Cyber Studio" in the lot next to the building, which he bought from his father-in-law. Benny is married to Alison Grey or the Westport Grey's. Benny tries to make friends with everyone but it doesn't always work.

Maureen Johnson- Mark's ex-girlfriend who now dates...Joanne. Maureen is a crazy performance artist who protests to keep her friends living in their putting on a "performace" and having everyone MOO together as one! Maureen's nickname for Joanne is Honeybear.

Joanne Jefferson- Joanne is a lawyer who now dates Maureen. She befriends Mark when he came to the lot where the protest was being held to fix the equiptment (the engineer was 3 hours late). Joanne's nickname for Maureen in Pookie. Joanne likes to wear Doc Martens!

Thomas "Tom" B. Collins- "Computer genius, teacher, vagabond anarchist who ran naked through the Parthenon." is friends with Mark and Roger and he talks about moving to Santa Fe because he believes life there is much better than living in NY. Collins falls in love with drag-queen Angel, as they share a major similarity...they both have AIDS.

Angel Dumott Schunard- Angel is a drag queen who plays the 10-gallon plastic pickle tub and dances. She is a true friend, as everyone declares after her death. She does not like Benny very much, as do most others. But Benny was kind enough to pay for Angel's funeral.

Other self-explanitory characters are:
The Man (who is a drug dealer), the Squeegee Man, Mark's mom (who gave him a hotplate!!), Alexi Darling (host for Buzzline, she wants Mark to take a job there filming), Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson (Joanne's parents), vendors, homeless people, cops, the waiter, Mr. Grey (Benny's father-in-law), and the Life Support group (Gordon, Ali, Pam, Sue, and Paul) *the names may vary from show to show*.

The summaries of each character aren't as good as I wanted them to be, if I think of more to add I certainly will.
I'll put up a summary of the show as soon as I can write one that makes enough sense to put up!!

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