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News Archive , 2003
Friday, March 28, 2003

New! by request: Galaga Single Game

Posted by reaper

BurnerO has requested Galaga single game release. Because of all the beta testing and code re-writes Ive done, when I was asked to add sound (the bang sample now works), rotate the screen and make a game full speed, I was able to do this within a few hours. The game can now be horizontal or vertical at a push of a button. ( I think this is good for arcade machines.)

Using code that I re-wrote, and some logic, Galaga is now being released as a single game. The rom is not included. I hope everyone has fun with it!

You can find the download on the Single Game Arcade page. Any requests can be made at the Requests forum.





Saturday, March 15, 2003

Beta Testing has begun

Posted by reaper

Thank-you to everyone who has signed up for beta testing for the new System 16 Emulator for Dreamcast.

If you are curious as to how the testing is shaping up, you can visit the forums and see whats going on. There is a subject in the the beta testing forums for each game that is to be tested, so if you're curious as to whats going on with a certain game, you can read about it here.

These are the new intro images from the system 16 emu. Click to enlarge.





Monday, March 10, 2003

Fixed RADquake out now

Posted by reaper

This bin is only a bug fix. It's 100% the same as the last release, except now full stereo sound is working. It is no longer mono, and it does look faster to me (though the bench mark is saying 10-15 fps!)

The source code patch is available on request. The full source is not needed as it is just ID plus SDL.tar. You will need both of these and my source patch. If your interested, contact me via the forums or email.

If anyone is interested in helping implement save and controller support, again, contact me via email or the forums.

You can find the download on the Quake page.




News that isn't Ultima IV! RADquake update

Posted by reaper

I have finally figured out the sound bugs and problems in the SDL Quake port RADquake!

It now has full stereo sound, and you can even hear all the background sounds and ambience! It is running faster as well.

I will be releasing it soon, and yes, the friggin' source will be released with it. Anyone feel like hosting it?




Friday, March 07, 2003

Ultima IV Covers- by Politoe

Posted by IMR

Politoe from NesterDC Themes has taken time out of his busy day, and made some great covers and CD labels for this great game. You can download them in the menu on the right and soon on Boob! Covers Central.

Thanks again Politoe. :)



Thursday, March 06, 2003

Even More Ultima IV News

Posted by reaper

Thanks must go out to Radial for his contribution of the Ultima IV package.This includes: the story, all the commands, hints, weapon and item lists, shop locations, and more. Everything you could ask for! Please take a moment to visit his site- Radial Monster. (personal homepage-not emulation specific)

In other great news, Politoe is designing covers for Ultima IV, and when they are finished, you will be able to get them at Boob! Covers Central and right here -on the right- under the poll that doesnt work ;)



Thursday, March 06, 2003

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar commands

Posted by reaper

Thanks, and I mean heaps of thanks, goes out to Midnight Obsidian for sending in the complete command list for Ultima IV.

You can now find them for download under the poll (that doesnt work lol)


Thank you again Midnight Obsidian!




Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar SDL Port out

Posted by reaper

My SELFBOOT IMAGE port of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, originally written in SDL by Andrew Taylor, is now available for download in the SDL Ports section. I have yet to find all the buttons, but to enter the castle at the beginning is the letter 'e' on the keyboard.

This game, as on the PC, is keyboard only. if anyone can list the keys to use before I do, please post it in the forums.

For more information on Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar please visit the following sites, or search in google:

Game FAQs

Sampson Dragon


Note: The source is now available as well, thanks to HH for the space



Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar SDL Port out soon!

Posted by reaper

I recieved a request to port Ultima 7 SDL to Dreamcast, but I could not get it working -YET- .

I have successfully ported Ultima IV though, and will be releasing it very soon! More news to follow in a little while.




Beta testing to start soon

Posted by I.M.R

The first beta of the System 16 Emulator is near completion. All beta testers have been contacted and will be awaiting login and passwords for the beta download. You can still participate by going to the forums and signing up. Signup will stop in about one week, if not sooner.

Thanks again to everyone who has signed up!


Friday, February 28, 2003

Re-Release OSwanDC Fullscreen

Posted by I.M.R

I have decided to re-release my version of the OSwan Full Screen. Unfortunately I have lost the source code, but I will be working on the original code once again, to get back to where i was. This being after the coding contest, and the Sega 16 beta test.

Here is more information for everyone who enjoys the Wonderswan, or wants to learn about the system.

Wonderswan World

You can find the download and screenshots in the menu under emulation.


Thursday, February 20, 2003

Beta Testers Needed

Posted by I.M.R

In a few weeks I should have a first compilation of SEGA 16 BETA 3 re-written.

I am going to need some beta testers to ..well.. test it.

If you are interested, please put your name, and a legitimate email address in this thread.

The terms to be a beta tester is as follows:

1. The bins are NOT to be distributed to any other person.

2. Requests for source code is strictly forbidden by BETA testers (or any member of the public)

3. To be a BETA tester, you MUST agree to these terms. In doing so you become a part of the IMR Technology team, until the BETA testing is finished.

4. When the testing is finished, you also agree to delete the BIN(s) off your hard drive (and/or any removable storage) and destroy all cdrs with the BINS on it.

5. You also agree to any changes that may be made in the future of these terms that will ensure the protection of the interests of IMR Technology.

Please note that all requests to be a BETA tester will not be fulfilled.


Game Coding Contest

Posted by I.M.R

IMR Technology, along with Coders toastman and Black Aura (from Dc Emulation), are going deep into the depths of Dreamcast Coding to bring you an interesting "Coding Duel"

*cue dramatic music*

3 Coders... One Machine...

3 Months... 3 Games...

Who will be the victor? (who will be the judge?)

Actually, something like this is a great thing to happen to the DC Scene.. It'll be great to have 3 games to look forward to, and it will boost the Homebrew scene back up! You can follow the drama at IMR Technology Forums, (unregistered posting will be turned off soon, so please join the forums), and/or at DC Emulation.

Let the coding begin!


Monday, February 17, 2003


Posted by I.M.R

Here is a direct quote from the SIemu website: "What does SIEmu do? Well, its is an 8080a simulator that allows you to play Space Invaders and it's many 8080a related clones! That's not the main attraction of this project. While developing this project, I focused on making it the best documentated 8080a simulator around. " You can email the author here.

I have included a source download for this release. You can find it under SDL ports. This is a beta release and when I have finalized the project, I will supply necessary source code.

SDL TrailBlazer

Posted by I.M.R

SDL Trailblazer is a direct port of the Unix Version of the original game port by Paul Robson. I have included the source as well as a bin for downloads. Unlike MAME I did not have to re-write half the code to get it to work. The original coder of this game took a great deal of time to write clean code. It is a fast paced game, found on Amstrad, and Commodore 64. it also made it into the arcades. You can find screenshots and the downloads in SDL Ports. The music featured in the game is an original compelation by IMR Technology. It is called Kickass! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 16, 2003

SDL Quake

Posted by I.M.R

SDL Quake is now available for download. It is a work in progress, but I have included a source download. When I release the finalized SDL Quake for Dreamcast, I will include the source code with it.

Small Update

Posted by I.M.R

The example page is now complete, with downloads. As they are examples and direct off the given websites, all source is downloadable off of the perspective sites. As I complete my re-writes, I will upload them. Please take notice of all disclaimers throughout the site.

New Site

Posted by I.M.R

I have decided to continue on with developing for the Dreamcast, and hope that the people who have supported me throughout my learning period, will continue to do so. I have also made the decision to only work on closed source projects. From now on, all code will be my own, and requests for source code will not be fullfilled.

Due to unforseen circumstances, I will have to re-write all previous releases, which could take up to 1 month or more (I'd go for the more). I'm sure that all releases can be found on the net somewhere, but I am no longer responsible for those, as I cannot release the source for them. (150 meg worth)

Please come back often, and bookmark my new site, to learn about any upcoming projects and/or releases.










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