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100) Amadeus: Director's Cut - Special Edition

Milos Forman's Amadeus is both a celebration of music and a compelling character study of two entirely different individuals with different motives but the same career. Amadeus is flowing with life, personalities, and color, making it far more watchable than most (stern or factual) costume dramas. Long relegated to an unsightly flipper disc, Warner saw fit to re-release Amadeus with their pack of September Special Editions. The good news: the extended director's cut of the film is presented with commentary and without interruption on Disc One. The bad news: the DVD set does not provide a choice to view the Oscar-winning theatrical cut and loses the isolated score from the original release. Nonetheless, remastered picture and sound, plus a slew of extras on the second disc make this package a keeper.
2002, Warner Bros. / 2 Discs / DVD Release 9/24/02 / SRP $26.98 / LAST YEAR: N/A


99) Babylon 5: The Complete First Season

All twenty-two episodes of this popular science fiction series' freshman season are presented in anamorphic widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1 over the collection's six discs. Series creator J. Michael Straczynski provides audio commentary for two episodes, and Disc 6 also includes detailed information on all the technology and races from the show. Fans are pleased and looking forward to Season 2's release in April.
1994, Warner Bros. / 6 Discs / DVD Release 11/5/02 / SRP $99.98 / LAST YEAR: N/A


98) Ghost World

MGM's low-priced DVD for this acclaimed comedy/drama adapated from a graphic novel (i.e. 'comic book') includes deleted and alternate scenes, a brief making-of featurette, a music video, and the theatrical trailer. Not a mind-blowing DVD release, but voters cited this unique, original film as one worth getting.
2001, MGM / 1 Disc / DVD Release 2/5/02 / SRP $19.99 / LAST YEAR: N/A


97) The Nightmare Before Christmas: Special Edition

Tim Burton's oddly endearing story of a Pumpkin king who decides to reinvent Christmas by kidnapping Santa Claus and taking control of the holiday. The DVD re-release of this clever comedy features a huge gallery of art and storyboards, an audio commentary from director Henry Selick, deleted scenes, an enlightening 20-minute making-of documentary, and what many cite as the disc's highlight - two early Tim Burton shorts, Vincent and Frankenweenie.
1993, Touchstone / 1 Disc / DVD Release 10/10/00 / SRP $22.99 / LAST YEAR: 77


96) Traffic: Criterion Collection

Steven Soderbergh's dark-yet-colorful 2000 drug drama was upgraded to a 2-disc Criterion Collection set last year, offering substantial improvement over the basic DVD from the now-defunct USA Films. Three filmmaker audio commentaries are included and Disc 2's supplements include twenty-five deleted scenes (with optional commentary), featurettes on editing and film processing, and 30 minutes of additional footage with alternate angles.
2000, Criterion / 2 Discs / DVD Release 5/28/02 / SRP $39.99 / LAST YEAR: N/A


95) Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Writer/director/star John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig and the Angry Inch is not a run-of-the-
mill rock concert film. The title character, having escaped Germany after a botched sex change operation, leads her rock band, the Angry Inch, on a tour across America's tacky theme restaurants. New Line's Platinum Series disc presents the music-filled soundtrack in DD and DTS, deleted scenes with commentary from Mitchell, and an 80-minute video diary documentary covering the film's journey from stage play to the big screen.
2001, New Line / 1 Disc / DVD Release 12/11/01 / SRP $24.98 / LAST YEAR: NR


94) Chasing Amy: Criterion Collection

Sneaking into the cut at the last minute is Chasing Amy, one of three Kevin Smith films on the list. Easily found for less than $20, Chasing Amy is the lowest-priced Criterion Collection DVD on the market. The film, third in Smith's so-called "New Jersey Trilogy" is Smith's most sophisticated but it still features vulgar dialogue and crass humor. The disc includes an audio commentary, video introductions from the cast and crew, and ten deleted scenes.
1997, Criterion/Buena Vista / 1 Disc / DVD Release 6/6/00 / SRP $19.98 / LAST YEAR: 56


93) Blue Velvet: Special Edition

David Lynch's disturbing mystery film was reissued by MGM last year, in about as 'special' a Special Edition one can hope to get of a David Lynch film. In addition to featuring a new transfer (supervised by the weirdo, er, artist himself), the DVD contains a making-of documentary "Mysteries of Love", a deleted scenes montage, and the original Siskel & Ebert review in which the film is panned.
1986, MGM / 1 Disc / DVD Release 6/4/02 / SRP $24.99 / LAST YEAR: N/A


92) Children of Paradise: Criterion Collection

Criterion's 2-disc set of this French romantic epic about a troupe of theatre performers includes two scholarly audio commentaries, an introduction from director Terry Gilliam, and a 24-page booklet. There's a good chance you haven't seen this film, and the voters who selected this set surely think you should check it out.
1945, Criterion / 2 Discs / DVD Release 1/22/02 / SRP $39.99 / LAST YEAR: N/A


91) The Passion of Joan of Arc: Criterion Collection

Carl Dreyer's 1928 film version of Joan of Arc, martyr and saint is certainly held in higher esteem than the 1999 Luc Besson film. Maria Falconetti in the title role and essentially her only film appearance, gives what one critic said "may be the finest performance ever recorded on film." Thought for fifty years to have been destroyed in a fire, The Passion resurfaced in the early '80s and Criterion's DVD shows just what restoration can do. Other highlights of the DVD include audio essays on the film and on the real Joan of Arc.
1928, Criterion / 1 Disc / DVD Release 10/9/01 / SRP $39.99 / LAST YEAR: 68


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