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Welcome to Ganger's Fanfiction Archives

    I, B.M. Gang, resident author and webmaster of Ganger's Fanfiction Archives wish to welcome you to my website. It is the goal of GFA to promote the art of Fanfiction writing to a greater place in the parthenon of writing... If that makes any sense.

    Did you like that? It's only a half truth. I do think that Fanfiction deserves a lot more respect, but, that's not the real purpose of my webbie.

    So, you may ask, what is the true purpose? Well, I want to get my own work out there for other people to see. I'm proud of my work, and I'm proud to say that I try and post it wherever I can. Most of my work can be seen at in the Dark Vault (In the Archives), or at

    However, the best way to see my newest work, fresh off the presses, is to come here to Ganger's Fanfiction Archives, where I will post first.

    So, please enjoy my work, and my site. Thanx for stopping by!

    ~B.M. Gang
    ~Webmaster and Resident Author
    ~Ganger's Fanfiction Archives