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Evangelion Fanfiction

    Synopsis: This section of Ganger's Fanfiction Archives is devoted to Fanfiction written in the universe of Shinseiki Evangelion, also known as Neon Genesis Evangelion. Evangelion was created by Director Hideaki Anno, and is the property of GAINAX. I do not claim ownership over Eva, nor its characters, so please don't sue me.

    Internal Conflict by B.M. Gang -
    The final Angel, Tabris, better known as Kaworu Nagisa, is dead. But was he truly the final Angel? Before anyone can celebrate, a new Angel attacks. Can Shinji deal with his inner demons and save the world?
    This Fic is Rated R for violence and strong dialogue.
    Chapter One - The Rude Awakening
    Chapter Two - The Attack From Within
    Chapter Three - The Angel Attacks
    Chapter Four - Inner Reflections: Part I
    Chapter Five - Inner Reflections: Part II

    A Day at the Stadium by B.M. Gang -
    It has been ten years since the end of the Angel War and the failure of the Instrumentality Project, and the world is starting to return to normalcy. How does the world show its normalcy? By the reformation of FIFA and the first World Cup Soccer Tournament since 2nd Impact. Watch as Tokyo 4 unites and the characters of Evangelion look back on the last ten years.
    This Fic is Rated PG for romantic themes and mild violence.
    A Day At The Stadium - Chapter 1