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This web site is for residences, cottagers or visitors to the Fraserburg Area (15 min from Bracebridge)

** Updates **

July 9, 2002 - Updated Buy, Trade, Sell and announcements
July 28, 2002 - Added Cottages/Homes for sale
Sept. 5, 2002 - Updated Cottage/Homes for sale - they sell quick!!!
- Updated Announcements - Hi Sue/Fred!

Things to know about Fraserburg

Our Favorite Web Sites

Cottage Sites:

Skidoo Trail Conditions
Muskoka Today Website - great for news around the area.
The city of Bracebridge
Cottage country!
Cottage Life Magazine On Line
Camp Big Canoe
Muskoka Nature News
Cottage Classified

Computer Sites: - Great Shareware site. - On line auctions - buy/sell here!. - Morpheus site (better than Napster). - Super Virus Checker.


This site was created and maintained by Steven Manzer. It is in no way associated with the Fraserburg & District Community Corporation. This Corporation has decided to remain off the World Wide Web. All information on this site is in the public domain. All information on this site is valid to the best of my knowledge.

This site has just been created and will always be UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

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