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Where is Fraserburg Anyway?

Fraserburg is located in Ontario, Canada, approximately two hours north of Toronto, off highway #11 and is east of Bracebridge on Fraserburg Road.

FYI: Fraserburg was named after a town in Scotland. There is also a Fraserburg in South Africa.

FYI: Fraserburg is a member of the Cottage Watch program.  If you are a crook, you will be seen and caught.

Directions From Toronto

From Toronto, go north on #400 highway to just north of Barrie. Take #11 north about 45 minutes to the second entrance to Bracebridge which is Cedar Lane. Follow Cedar lane west to Fraserburg Road (#14). Turn right on Fraserburg Road (white house on corner). Follow Fraserburg Road for approximately 15 minutes until you arrive at the small town of Fraserburg

Map Of Fraserburg Area

On your way along Fraserburg Road be sure to enjoy the following sites:

- The Bracebridge Fairgrounds (lots of things happen here)

- The horse farm just after the bridge (trail rides anyone?)

- Two small churches along the way

- Two small lakes

- One small stream

- The Muskoka River

- Lots of interesting twists and turns giving you a nice view of the northern bush