Fraserburg Photo Album

Puddle Jumping Dorset 2002

- & Thanks Joey Veno for the great Photo!


Mystery Moth - Its A Luna Moth

Luna Moth 

This was caught (then released) last fall. Since then one other specimen has been seen. 
To quote our resident researcher (Heather Moffatt):
The moth you found is a Luna Moth and its a beauty! This moth is actually considered an endangered species, can only be seen flying at night and live only in North America.

Adults do not eat as they develop from their cacoon with enough food in their system to last their life span. Their caterpillar is green with a yellow stripe on each side of its body and have spikes on their back. They are rare because pollutants and pesticides are killing them off.

Standing On Guard!

Cool Guards These guys are guarding a neat little cottage on Colony Road - Go check them out!


Muskoka River In The Fall This was taken from Steven & Sandra's dock in the fall of 2000.


The Big Hill This was taken last winter - sweet memories!.


Broady & Folks Fishing A typical FABULOUS day on the Muskoka River.

Many Fraserburgites were trapped for a couple of days and forced to eat ALL the previously frozen hot dogs and hamburgs!

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